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There are hundreds of reasons why Japan is a tourist paradise. 

And they go beyond the robots, geisha and neon lights we're used to seeing in the media. Not that there's anything wrong with robots, geisha or neon lights of course. ;-) 

Japan Tourist Paradise The Real Japan

12 Reasons Japan Is A Tourist Paradise
by Rob Dyer

Whether you're staying in a hotel or a traditional ryokan, catching a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyushu or jumping on a long-distance bus, eating out in a high-end restaurant or a burger bar, visiting the frozen northern island of Hokkaido or the sub-tropical palm trees and beaches of the southern islands, here are 12 reasons Japan is a tourist paradise.


#1 - Customer Service

Japan has the best customer service in the world.

#2 – Japanese Food

Sushi platter must try Japanese foods The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Japanese food goes way beyond sushi and sashimi. It's diverse and there are hundreds of regional delicacies to try. Even their fast food is healthier than you'll find in the West (well, some of it is!).

#3 – The Japanese Landscape

Japanese Mountains The Real Japan Rob Dyer

The Japanese landscape is far more varied than popular belief. 70% of it is covered in mountains, and most of those are covered in forests. And there are more than 6,800 islands that make up the country.

#4 – Ryokan

Fujimiya ryokan Kinosaki The Real Japan Rob Dyer

You can step back in time by staying at a ryokan - a traditional inn. Live like a samurai, eat unbelievable-looking meals and be waited on hand and foot.

#5 – People are so helpful

Although not many Japanese can speak English, they'll go out of their way to do all they can to help you if you don't speak Japanese.

#6 – Taxis

You'll never have open a taxi door in Japan as they all have automatic doors. They'll be pristinely clean and you can hire a taxi for up to a day for a fixed price and the driver will act as your personal tour guide.

#7 – The Climate

Japan Winter Explorer Luxury Tour The Real Japan Rob Dyer

The country straddles several types of climate. From the frozen northern island of Hokkaido, through the temperate main island of Honshu, down to the sub-tropical southern island of Okinawa and beyond. Just pick the one that suits you best.

#8 – The Ancient and The Modern

The Japanese are great at combining the best of traditional with the best of modern – see automated toilets in traditional ryokan inns for example!

#9 – Cheap Flights

Boarding an ANA flight The Real Japan Rob Dyer

In recent years Japan has embraced the budget airline phenomena. There are at least 9 low-cost carrier airlines offering cheap internal and local international flights.

#10 – Safety

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world.


#11 – Bullet Trains

shinkansen bullet trains The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Japan was the first country to embrace high-speed train travel with the shinkansen (bullet train) which debuted in time for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and they continually introduce new versions every few years.

#12 – Vending Machines

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan and they contain all kinds of food and drink wonders. You could easily survive by only eating and drinking out of them if you had to! :-)

Marvel Vending Machine, Tokyo

Marvel branded vending machine, Tokyo

There are dozens more reasons why Japan is a tourist paradise, so don't be surprised if I revisit this topic with more of them. ;-) In the meantime, what do you think makes Japan such a great place to visit? Let me know by leaving a comment below...


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  • Henri Sizaret says:

    I can think of a 13th reason “whatever your geekery, Japan will over deliver”. For instance, are you into electronic music ? Then Akihabara / Electric City is your place of perdition. Are you into mangas ? Then the Ghibli Museum is your Heaven. Are you into packaging design ? Well, any consumer good is designed and wrapped with consulate care…

    • Hey Henri. Thanks for sharing a 13th reason! :-)

      I can relate to all 3 of your specific suggestions. There’s an article about visiting the Studio Ghibli museum on the site here – https://www.therealjapan.com/a-visit-to-the-studio-ghibli-museum/

      And I’m always amazed at how technically impressive and gorgeously-designed Japanese packaging is. Maybe I should write an article about that actually!?

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