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Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't received my welcome email from my subscription

Make sure to give it a few minutes to arrive, if you haven't already. Sometimes those emails take a little while to pop up. 

Also, please check your spam folder(s), as sometimes the emails go in there as your email doesn't yet recognise us.

If you still can't find it, please contact us below. Sometimes the email address entered is mistyped. We can check for you. But, email us below and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

I have a question about one of your services or products

No problem! That's what this page is for. Just send us your question(s) using the form below and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind, too, that all our products are covered by a 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee. So, you can buy today, give it a go, and ask for your money back within 30 days if you feel it wasn't for you.

Business FAQs

Do you accept guest posts?

We do accept guest posts from time to time. But not very often.
Unless we've approached you asking you to write for us, there will be a fee to pay and terms relating to any posts we accept. We'd be happy to send you details by email.

Can I interview your for my website/podcast?

Perhaps. If you would like to interview me or have me as a guest on your website, podcast, YouTube channel or other media, please email us below and be sure to include the following:

* The name of the medium with URL
* Links to your active social media profiles
* The primary focus of the interview
* The estimated size of the audience it will reach
* Approximately when you would like to do it - and how (technically)

Please note: I do not accept every interview request I recieve due to my schedule. Also, if the date you need it by is within the next week, I won't be able to meet your deadline, so it won't be worth asking.

Will you promote our service or product?

It depends very much on what service of product you offer. Our community (and therefore we) are only interested in hearing about services and products that make travel in Japan better.

You are welcome to ask, but if it isn't the right fit, we won't reply due to the volume of such enquiries we recieve. It's nothing personal!

Unless we've approached you, there will be a fee to pay and terms relating to any services or products we promote.

Will you include a link to my site in one of your posts?

It's highly unlikely. If your content is highly relevant and you think I'd be crazy not to link to it, feel free to ask about pricing. But, the overwhelming majority of link requests we get are poor and are just trying to get a dofollow link.

Do you have a Media Kit you can send me?

Yes we do. We'd be happy to send you a copy on request. Just use the form below. It would be helpful if you provided some context to your request, i.e. why you are asking for it.

Can I offer prizes for your Giveaways?

If you have products or services related to travel in Japan or Japanese culture, we'd be happy to hear from you. Just complete the form below, and be sure to suggest some specific ideas you have for attractive prizes.

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