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Who’d have thought planning your dream trip to Japan would be such a pain in the

You started with a simple idea – a dream of seeing all the incredible sights Japan has to offer. To experience that trip of a lifetime.

But then you started researching that idea.

And slowly, day by day, week by week, what you thought would be a fun and exciting exercise actually turned into a frustrating chore. One that turned up more questions than answers the more time you spent on it.How the heck did that happen!?

Oh yeah, and nobody told you just how soul-sappingly time consuming all this stuff was going to be. Am I right? We’ve all been there – spending day after day wading through out of date info on TripAdvisor – only to find out that the more reviews you read the less insight you had! And as for those Google searches: just exactly how many of those 8 million matches will you click on before you consider putting that dream trip on hold while you recover the will to live?

Trust me, I totally relate to your travel planning fatigue. I’ve been there and done that. Several times over.

“The Real Japan gave me excellent advice and guidance.  I
 feel much more organised and confident about my upcoming trip.”

Like you, I read all that stuff too, but couldn’t find a place that had what I was looking for. Answers and solutions to the questions I had, from someone that I could actually relate to.So I created The Real Japan.

Let me help you Live Your Dream

Welcome to The Real Japan“An award-winning Japan travel resource for people just like you”

Welcome to The Real Japan – an award-winning travel and lifestyle resource for (and a community of) people just like you. People who are interested in exploring Japan beyond the cliches. People having amazing adventures in Japan.People who want to explore Japan beyond the cliches and off-the-beaten-path, those willing to try places they’ve never heard of before.It is supported by tens of thousands of followers globally across a YouTube channel, Private Facebook Group, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram social media channels and my weekly Japan Travel Bulletin email service.

Who am I?

Rob Dyer The Real Japan

My name is Rob Dyer

and I have been exploring Japan since 2000,
and yet I still feel like I have only seen the tip of the iceberg of this amazing country.

Think of me as your virtual Japan travel guide.

Here you’ll find me sharing information, tips and resources all about travelling across Japan – hopefully inspiring you to set off on your own Japanese adventures.

My wife is Japanese and we were married in a Shinto ceremony in Japan. We now split our time between Japan and England – my home country.I started The Real Japan to share my passion for travelling in Japan. The hidden Japan. The Japan beyond the hype, beyond the clichés. The Real Japan.

How I can help You

Sado garden The Real Japan Rob Dyer

For many people who love the idea of going to Japan there can appear to be many barriers, some so challenging that they simply put off making the trip.

With The Real Japan I not only show you that there are ways to overcome the perceived barriers (be it the overwhelming volume of information out there, the language, the cost, the potentially daunting whole ‘alien world’ experience), but then guide you to get even more out of your travels in Japan than you imagined was possible.

Christine Mari Inzer Diary of A Tokyo Teen The Real Japan

What an awesome site!

Christine Mari-Inzer  //  Author, Diary of a Tokyo Teen

Josiane Roulez

Your. Guide. Is. Awesome!

Your. Guide. Is. Awesome!!! It really brings us to the core of the real Japan, the one below the surface, the one where true encounters with people and culture are possible.

Josiane Roulez  //  Nippon Cafe

Tanbay & Laura Travelling Weasels

Loads of insider tips. We highly recommend you subscribe.

Really cool, loads of insider tips. We highly recommend you subscribe.

Laura & Tanbay  //

Saki Yoshida The Real Japan

I'm very picky. But this is really good.

It's really hard to find a really good Japan blogger, but Rob is one.

Saki Yoshida  //  JustAJapaneseGirl

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