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Hiroshima City Guide The Real Japan
Best Kyoto Samurai Experiences Guide The Real Japan
8 Ramen Experiences & Tours The Real Japan
9 Japanese Accommodation Hacks The Real Japan Rob Dyer


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What others are saying about The Real Japan...

Your emails are so inspiring

I recently subscribed to your Bulletin, and I wanted to say how much I enjoy them, they are wonderful!

Travelling to Japan is a dream for me and my son (hopefully to be realised at some point), but your emails are so inspiring, helpful and allow me to think maybe that dream is closer! Thank you very much for putting all this together.

Mireia Rogers Salvado

Your guide is awesome!

I just suscribed to your blog and received your "5 Amazing Adventures to experience The Real Japan" free guide.

Your. Guide. Is. Awesome!!!

I love Japan. I love its language and its culture and its people.

Your guide really brings us to the core of the real Japan, the one below the surface, the one where true encounters with people and culture are possible. This is definitely how I want to travel to Japan.

Josiane Roulez

A wonderful bridge for locals and foreigners who want to explore Japan

I'm absolutely grateful to have discovered this travel blog.

Right now I don't have the means nor time to go to Japan, but simply reading these articles gives me some sense of immersion of being able to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the Japanese life.

It's a wonderful bridge for Japanese locals and foreigners who want to explore Japan.


TRJ Subscriber

Saved me weeks, if not months, of researching!

WOW. This is amazing. I was having such a BIG headache trying to plan how to get there, how to travel across cities, and where to go. And then your website pops up and I just want to cry.

It saved me weeks, if not months, of researching!!! I and my fiance are planning to travel there for our honeymoon and it was a daunting process for the both of us. Not anymore!

We cannot be anymore grateful and excited to have you posting valuable information up.

This website is a hidden gem!!


Finding your site has been a delight!

Finding your site has been a delight. It's full of great insight and information (presented in simple, clear and smart fashion) that I'm sure will help to make my journey easier and much more rewarding than if I were to try and plan it on my own.
Thank you, Rob,  for your wonderful work and service to the wandering community!

Chris Sato Grandstaff

My problem was not knowing where to begin

My problem was not knowing where to begin searching information all about traveling in Japan.

The information provided by Rob is so helpful and less intimidating than from other websites.

I’m just very appreciative of having found The Real Japan - it’s my go to when needing information about Japan.

Silvia Melendez-Briskie

The site is interactive, easy to ask questions and get back good information

I was trying to find information for a solo traveler.

All the little bits and pieces are in one place, also the site is interactive so easy to ask questions and get back good information.

I've found the site to be both interesting and informative.

Tim Coopey

I love being transported back to Japan

I love the range of articles and being transported back to Japan when delving into Rob's extensive content.

Jo Keller

Rob went out of his way to get what I needed

Before finding TheRealJapan.com, the biggest problem I found was getting accurate information about a skiing holiday in April.

After contacting Rob, he gave me access to accurate information, and went out of his way to get what I needed.

I’ll certainly look to make bookings recommended by The Real Japan.


Excellent advice and guidance

I needed advice regarding travelling around Japan and the various options available over my self planned 3 1/2 week trip.

Rob gave me excellent advice and guidance around the best ways to use my JR pass, suica card and costs for additional day trips I want to do.

I feel much more organised and confident about my upcoming trip.

I also used the Facebook Group for advice of things to do whilst in Fukuoka which was great!

Natalie Olivey

I can't believe the good value of this hotel!

I can't believe the good value of this hotel! On my first visit to Tokyo, I paid about the same per night for a very small (although very clean) room which didn't even have a wardrobe... I had to keep my clothes in the suitcase on the floor. A washing machine would have been a huge advantage, as the hotel's communal laundry was always busy!

This time I will be staying at the Hilton in Shinjuku. It's roomy and looks absolutely gorgeous... but it's twice the price per night! If it wasn't already paid for, I would definitely be changing my booking! But I've bookmarked this hotel and will definitely consider it for my next trip... many thanks to The Real Japan for the tip-off!

Deb Alton

Thanks and keep up the good work!

I'm interested in all kinds of resources regarding Japan and travelling in Japan.

I have definitely seen some interesting places and ideas for the future.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Jarmo Seppänen

Insanely effective

Before using The Real Japan I spent hours upon hours scouring the web trying to decide what I wanted to do with my time in Japan. There were so many options that I was locked in a state of decision paralysis.

Rob helped me narrow down my goals and he put together a comprehensive guide to accomplish everything that I wanted to in Japan as well as providing advice and resources on how to go about my trip.

Without Rob Dyer and The Real Japan I am sure that my trip would've been a jumbled unfocused mess, but because of the insanely effective help of Rob, I am certain that this will be the best trip of my life.

Jackson Houston

Informative, fun, helpful, and continues to inspire me

I came to The Real Japan to find good information about real life and work in Japan for non-Japanese language speakers.

I've learned so much, and continue to do so. Very helpful!

It's informative, fun, helpful, and continues to inspire me.

Len H

Rob is simply a trustworthy guy

Before I used to randomly google "Japan, Tokyo" and hoped to find what I was looking for.

After using The Real Japan I find what I need to know and much, MUCH more!

What I like most about The Real Japan is that this site is constantly updated and that the info about Japan and traveling in Japan comes from someone who knows what he is talking about.

Rob is simply a trustworthy guy who knows what European travellers want and explains it so simple and honest!

Ronald van Veen

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Rob Dyer The Real Japan

My name is Rob Dyer and I have been exploring Japan since 2000, and yet I still feel like I have only seen the tip of the iceberg of this amazing country.

Think of me as your virtual Japan travel buddy.

Here and in my Japan Travel Bulletin you’ll find me sharing information, tips and resources all about travelling across Japan – hopefully inspiring you explore more of Japan, away from the crowds.

My wife is Japanese and we were married in a Shinto ceremony in Japan. We now split our time between Japan and England – my home country.

I started The Real Japan to share my passion for travelling in Japan. The hidden Japan. The Japan beyond the hype, beyond the clichés. The Real Japan.

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