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NEW! Japan Travel Tips For When You Don't Speak Japanese

Rob Dyer Kyoto Himukai Daijingu shrine 2022 The Real Japan

Japanese as a language contains a lot of what you might politely refer to as unnecessary or extraneous language, phrases and words.

Why use only a few words when a number of paragraphs can say the same thing in four times the amount of time!? 😉

In some languages it might be hazardous to simply nod and say yes to someone speaking to you in their native tongue.

Who knows what you might be agreeing to?

But, in Japanese, you can kind of get away with that. Sometimes.

Let me explain...

KEEP READING: Japan Travel Tips For When You Don't Speak Japanese

NEW BOOK! (kind of) How To Travel In Japan Without Speaking Japanese

How To Travel In Japan Without Speaking Japanese eBook Rob Dyer

It's been somewhat overdue, but my bestselling eBook, How To Travel In Japan Without Speaking Japanese, has just been released in a NEW Updated Second Edition.

There were out of date links and information in the previous edition. And that was something I was not happy with. So, every link in the book has been checked, updated or replaced.

Every word has been reviewed, with updated advice and revised recommendations too. I've improved the design a little as well.

The book has previously sold for £14, but is currently available for just  £8.99. That's a saving of 35%!

I believe this latest edition of my bestselling book is more useful than ever before. You can pick up your copy of the Updated Second Edition of my book for just £8.99 by clicking on the button below...

NEW! Driving In Japan Made Easy – A Beginner’s Guide

driving in Japan seat belt warning sign The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Are you considering driving in Japan on your next trip

Driving can be an enjoyable and efficient way to experience the country, but there are a few things you should consider first

In this blog post, I'll discuss the pros and cons of driving in Japan, how to obtain an International Driving Permit, the process for obtaining insurance, car rental options, navigating with GPS and Google Maps, tips for using and paying for Japanese toll roads, and more

I'll also highlight a few alternative methods of travelling around Japan, including to those off-the-beaten-path spots.

If you're new to driving in Japan, this post will provide you with all the information you need to decide if driving in Japan is right for you or not. Fasten your seat belt! 

READ: NEW! Driving In Japan Made Easy – A Beginner’s Guide

UPDATED! Mobal SIM Card Review: The Best Unlimited SIM In Japan?

Mobal SIM card review featured The Real Japan

So you're planning a trip to Japan and you're looking at the options for staying connected during your travels. Smart move.

You'll want to be able to share your photos on social media (and back them up), check Google maps, read TripAdvisor reviews, use messaging apps, consult official site websites, etc. 

And you're wondering if a Japan SIM card is right for you? 

And maybe if a Mobal SIM card in particular might be the best option? 

Whether it's mobile data + voice or data only, my hands-on review of Mobal's Japan Unlimited SIM card tells you all you need to know and if this could be the best Japan SIM card for you.

READ: UPDATED! Mobal SIM Card Review: The Best Unlimited SIM In Japan?

New Japan Entry Rules Effective 29th April 2023 and Beyond

Welcome to Japan Kansai International Airport Osaka The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Those entering Japan on after 29th April will no longer be required to present Covid-19 vaccination documents with records of three vaccine doses or proof of a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival.

Travelers arriving at any of Japan's five major airports - Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai and Fukuoka - are subject to the new framework, which was due to start on 8th May when the legal status of COVID-19 is downgraded to the same category as seasonal influenza. 

However, Japanese authorities brought the date in change of policy forward to 28th April in anticipation of extra visitors at the start of the annual Golden Week holidays.

You can read a full report of these changes on the Kyodo News website here: Japan ends COVID-19 border controls before Golden Week holidays.

UPDATED! How To Choose The Best Japan Travel Guidebook

Choosing Japan Guidebook The Real Japan Rob Dyer

As much as the internet is a godsend to researching a trip to Japan, for many people, myself included, there's still nothing quite like having a trusty, print guidebook in your hands when travelling. 

This popular post has just been updated to include a new guidebook: Tokyo, Kyoto & Hiroshima, published my Moon.

READ: UPDATED! How To Choose The Best Japan Travel Guidebook

UPDATED! Drugs, Medicine and Feeling Ill in Japan

JNTO emergency website The Real Japan

Medications that are readily available over the counter (without a prescription) in countries like the USA or the UK, might contain substances that are banned altogether in Japan. 

It you take medication on a regular basis it is best to check in advance of travel to see if anything you need to take with you conflicts with Japanese laws. 

Here are a few essential basics to know about drugs, bringing medicine into the country and what to do if you fall ill when in Japan... 

READ: Drugs, Medicine and Feeling Ill in Japan

NEW! 5 Insider Tips for Sustainable Travel in Japan

Mt Daisen Tottori sustainable travel Japan The Real Japan Rob Dyer featured

It is possible to explore Japan beyond the golden route and not sacrifice your green travel credentials. 

To make your travels as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, here are 5 insider tips for sustainable travel in Japan. 

From tips on how to save water, advice on how to reduce plastic waste, to hiring local guides, these tips will help you make the most of your travels while minimizing your environmental impact. 

READ: 5 Insider Tips for Sustainable Travel in Japan

OFFER: Audiobook & eBook Bundle - SAVE 20%

Japan Without Japanese Audiobook eBook bundle The Real Japan Rob Dyer

A money saving bundle of my bestselling eBook and the new Audiobook edition How To Travel in Japan Without Speaking Japanese. INCLUDES: 10-page printable PDF travel planner.

No Japanese? No problem!

This is my first audiobook. Read by the author (aka me!). No anonymous voiceover artists here. Read entirely by yours truly.

Hear me in your ears!

Here's what Jim Adam's of the Izu Rhythm website had to say about it: "A very useful guide to help people get the most out of Japan without getting intimidated. What's not to love? "

£17.98 SAVE 20%! Available today for just £14.25

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