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LATEST Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Updates

For the latest - and official - information on developments with Coronavirus and how this is affecting travel in and out of Japan, I recommend using JNTO's advisory page.

This is regularly updated and reliable.

Finding Peace In The Mountains of Wakayama

Koyasan (高野山) is a sacred Buddhist mountain retreat in Wakayama Prefecture. Founded in the 9th century by the great Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi as the headquarters of the Shingon sect of Buddhism.

Followers believe Kobo Daishi did not pass away, instead entering a state of eternal mediation.

The mausoleum of Kobo Daishi is inside Okunoin (奥の院) an immense graveyard of 200,000 Buddhist monk graves, the largest in Japan.

Twice a day, every day of the year, monks make a sacred ritual offering of a meal to Kobo Daishi.

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Epic Japan Tour: Shinkansen and Street Food - 15% OFF

TRJ partner G Adventures have a special offer on right now on this 11-day tour starting in November. 

Travel by train to introduce yourself to Tokyo nightlife, the famous geisha district of Kyoto, and the iconic floating torii gate of Miyajima. Experience the country's traditions and cutting-edge modernity with lots of free time to do your own thing.

Target age range for this is 18-39 (so that rules *me* out!) but if you fit the profile check it out here:
Epic Japan Tour: Shinkansen and Street Food - 15% OFF

NEW POST! 10 Top-Rated Virtual Japan Tours To Beat The Pandemic

Gion at Night Kyoto virtual tour The Real Japan

Can't travel?

As much as we'd all love to be exploring the sights, hidden gems and back streets of Japan right now, unfortunately the global pandemic has other ideas.

But we won't let that stop you experiencing The Real Japan!

Use my NEW guide to 10 Top Rated Virtual Japan Tours To Beat The Pandemic, inspire your dreams for travel and escape to The Real Japan!

UPDATED! Sumo Guide

Sumo wrestlers tournament The Real Japan Rob Dyer

I've just published a revised and updated version of our guide to Visiting A Sumo Tournament. It includes details on the full 2021 tournament schedule.

With the ongoing pandemic, ticket sales have been suspended. However, NHK World provide detailed daily coverage online, including on-demand highlights of each day's bouts.

All the details via the link below:

Japan Airlines To Cover Covid-19 Expenses

In a bold and attention-grabbing move, Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced it will automatically cover the expenses related to any of its passengers who is diagnosed with Covid-19.

The new move is likely to encourage bookings in that group of travellers who, concerned about possibly catching Covid-19 after booking their flights and losing out, might otherwise have held off making their plans.

JAL Covid-19 Cover The Real Japan

According to JAL, the time-limited offer takes "safety and secutiry to the next level." All customers on JAL international flights are eligible for the JAL Covid-19 Cover, which provides complimentary support in case of Covid-19 infection.

Full details on the scheme are available on the JAL Website HERE.

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NEW! 3 Quick Reference Travel Hubs

One thing we've been working hard to improve is how easy and quick it is for you to find the content your're most interested in on

In part that's to do with a good site structure and then navigation via the menus etc.

Everything we do at The Real Japan is about making it easier for you to have deeper, richer travel experiences in Japan.

When you visit the Blog, below each blog post image you'll see the hub it can be found in: Planning / Destinations / Experiences. An explanation of what can be found in each follows...

Taketomi Yaeyama Islands The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Taketomi Island a destination in Japan's Yaeyama Islands

3 New Japan Travel Hubs

  • PLANNING - Plan Your Trip
  • DESTINATIONS - Places To Go
  • EXPERIENCES - Things To Do

Previously we had LOTS of categories. Things like 'exploring', 'food & drink', 'culture', 'interviews', etc, etc. Sometimes we had the same piece of content classified into several categories. This was messy and confusing.

Now, each post is classified into just one hub.

NEW! Planning Hub - Plan Your Trip

Planning - Plan Your Trip The Real Japan Rob Dyer
Whether you're planning your first trip to Japan or your tenth, this hub will get you started.

Save valuable time and money by using our free travel planning guides and resources.

Want to skip all the hard work? Use one of our travel planning services.

PLANNING - Plan Your Trip

NEW! Destinations Hub - Places To Go

Destinations - Places To Go The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Looking for places to go? There's no shortage of incredible places to see in Japan.

But so much choice can be potentially overwhelming. Where's right for you?

Discover with us the most amazing places Japan has to offer.


NEW! Experiences Hub - Things To Do

Experiences - Things To Do The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Looking for things to do? There's a never-ending supply of incredible experiences to be had in The Real Japan.

Whatever your interests, you'll never be short of things to do here.

We will guide you through the best things to do that suit your needs and budget.


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