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Japan To Fully Reopen To Independent Travel From 11th October

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This time it's The Real (Japan) Deal!

At a news conference at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said today (Thursday 22nd) that in addition to lifting the daily cap, currently at 50,000, Japan will resume visa-free, individual trips to the country the same day.

Here are the key bullets effective from 11th of next month:

  • removal of daily entry cap entirely
  • resumption of visa-free travel
  • individual, independent (unguided) travel restarts
  • visitors must be triple vaccinated or submit a negative test result
  • resumption of discounted travel plan for those living in Japan

As ever with these kind of announcements from the Japanese Prime Minister, the precise implementation details have yet to be officially confirmed, but all the signs are these will be forthcoming over the next couple of weeks.

Here's how Kyodo News broke the story.

Here's how The Japan Times is reporting the story.

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If you're in the USA, the Visas Japan website has updated details on the Japan online visa for US citizens and the different types of visas available.

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NEW VIDEO! Peaceful Summer Walk Around Okuike Lake, Ashiya

Join me for a peaceful, silent summer's day walk around the Okuike Lakes high up in the mountains of Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. Just the sound of bird song, the wind, and footsteps, spotting birds, koi carp, butterflies, and turtles.

Okuike (奥池) is a small lake, with adjoining reservoir lake "Okuyama Chosuichi" and surrounding high-class residential area located in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. It is close to the major cities of Kobe and Osaka in the Kansai region.

WATCH: Peaceful Summer Walk Okuike Lake, Ashiya

NEW! Nanten-en Ryokan: A Peaceful Haven In Rural Amami, Osaka

Nanten-en ryokan Amami Osaka The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Less than 45 minutes by train from the buzzing centre of Osaka is the restful haven of Nanten-en ryokan in Amami.

With its culturally significant architecture and enveloped in a beautifully-designed garden, this fine example of a traditional Japanese inn offers excellent cuisine, peaceful walks in the surrounding forests and, somewhat unexpectedly, an open air swimming pool. 

DISCOVER: Nanten-en Ryokan: A Peaceful Haven In Rural Amami, Osaka (Review)

NEW VIDEO! Samurai Training Experience at Osaka Castle

Those looking for some fun at Osaka Castle can try out the bookable Miraiza Osakajo Samurai or Ninja Experience, where you get to dress and train as either a samurai or ninja. I turned my hands (and sword) to being a samurai.

Watch the video and see what you think of my (humorous) efforts. Should Toshiro Mifune be worried? 

WATCH THE VIDEO: and check out my 3-Day Itinerary for Osaka

UPDATED! Japan Without Japanese (How To Travel In Japan When You Don’t Speak Japanese)

Shinsekai Osaka Japan without Japanese The Real Japan Rob Dyer

To coincide with the launch of my first audiobook on the same topic, I've given my most popular blog post a major overhaul.

One of the major considerations with travelling in Japan is the inscrutable Japanese language. 

A seemingly incomprehensible, often kaleidoscopic, barrage of cryptic symbols awaits the foreign traveller who doesn't speak or read the language.

So just how difficult is it to travel around Japan when you don't speak the language?

Well, maybe not as difficult as it could be if you don't read this post. Here I share quick wins and hacks based on decades of experience travelling in Japan. 

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As ever, please leave any feedback (including your own tactics) or questions by leaving a comment on the blog post.
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NEW! Audiobook: How To Travel In Japan Without Speaking Japanese

Japan Without Japanese Audiobook The Real Japan Rob Dyer

I've just launched the Audiobook Edition of my bestselling guide How To Travel In Japan Without Speaking Japanese. My first audiobook!

A practical travel guide covering all the essentials. Includes an 8-page printable PDF travel planner covering all the essentials.
No Japanese? No problem!

In this new audiobook you'll discover: 11 (free) Japanese translation apps, The Japan Rail Pass guide, 5 personalised pre-trip planning exercises, 32 essential travel words/phrases, and plenty more, based on my more than 20 years of travelling throughout Japan.

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NEW! A Practical Guide To Teaching English In Japan

teaching English in Japan guide 2 The Real Japan

With the world gradually opening up after the pandemic, there are opportunities to restart your life abroad once more

Of course, with so many countries across the globe to choose from, making the right decision is as complicated as it always has been. 

Click the link below  to find out exactly why Japan is right at the heart of everything an expat could wish for in a country, and why teaching in English in Japan might be the ideal entry point for you.

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