Spectacular Forest Theme Park Junglia to Open in Okinawa, Winter in Japan – 5 Reasons To Visit, ANA’s in-Flight Dining



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Spectacular Forest Theme Park Junglia to Open in Okinawa

Junglia theme park Okinawa

Photo: Junglia / Japan Entertainment Co. Ltd

A spectacular new forest-themed park in Okinawa, named Junglia, has been announced with an expected opening in summer 2025.

The major project redevelops a former golf course on a 60 hectares site, almost matching the size of Japan's most popular theme park, Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. The luxury resort and nature-based theme park will be located in the north of the island of Okinawa, where the Yanbaru National Park is located.

Planned attractions include zip lines through the forest, hot air balloon rides over the tree canopy, safari style driving routes - complete with attacking, life-sized dinosaurs! Almost a family-friendly Jurassic Park, but with the emphasis on maximising the natural, forested landscape of the region.

The largest shareholder in the company behind the project, Katana, has experience of renovations at Universal Studios Japan, and says they intend the project to contribute to regional revitalisation, and to create a sustainable business.

I'll be publishing a detailed post about the park in the near future, so subscribe so you don't miss that.

In the meantime, you can check out a cool teaser video on the official Junglia website (note: the site is only in Japanese at present)...

Winter in Japan - 5 Reasons To Visit

Koyasan winter Samuel Berner

Considering diving into Japan's winter magic, packed with thrilling ski/ snowboard adventures and all its seasonal wonders?

The superb Japanese snow, or 'Japow', sets the stage for unforgettable slope action from mid-December through early April.

And don't forget Hokkaido's Sapporo Snow Festival (February) - it's a must-see with its giant ice sculptures, cultural shows, and tasty Hokkaido treats, or head out onto the Sea of Okhotsk on an icebreaker ship!

To get you started, here's five key reasons why you should consider exploring Japan during the winter season...

  1. Snowy landscapes and winter wonderlands
  2. Onsen (hot springs) delight
  3. Illumination festivals
  4. Unique winter foods
  5. Fewer tourists

For more detail on each of these and to watch videos of exploring Japan in wintertime hit the button below...

ANA's Winter Season In-Flight Dining & Drinks

ANA First Class meal The Real Japan

Example ANA First Class meal  |  Photo: All Nippon Airways (ANA)

One of the ways All Nippon Airways (ANA) aims to distinguish itself from competitors is through its in-flight dining and drink offerings, something evident across all seat classes.

Regardless of your chosen class, ANA focuses on delivering unique dining experiences, carefully curating ingredients and crafting skillful recipes. For those with specific meal requirements, be it for children or tailored to dietary preferences, ANA does its best to ensure your needs are met.

If you prefer a lighter meal, ANA offers a Quick and Light Meal service. Ideal for those seeking a swift dining experience, this service features a tray with just three items - salad, sandwich, and dessert - providing a streamlined alternative to the traditional full course menu served after takeoff. Light meals are designed for quick consumption, allowing you to conclude the meal service promptly.

Opting out of an in-flight meal is also an option, allowing passengers to forgo meals after takeoff or before arrival on late-night flights. Passengers flying on international departures from Japan in Premium Economy or Economy Class can opt for a paid in-flight meal service called Exclusive Dining Experience, which ups the quality of the elements for an additional fee.

Check flight availability to Okinawa

Of course, if you're flying First Class then ANA doesn't disappoint. On winter routes from Narita/Haneda to North America and Europe (excluding late night flights), they'll serve you with an eleven-course kaiseki meal.

The menu commences with a kumquat-encased crab and avocado salad. For January, an appetizer takes the form of stem lettuce presented in the fashion of the traditional Japanese New Year's decoration kadomatsu. December showcases an ankimo anglerfish liver dish, meticulously slow-cooked with Japanese Arima sansho pepper and complemented by burdock, Japanese leek, and various winter vegetables. 

Transitioning to January and February, the offerings feature the delicate notes of chawanmushi - a steamed savory egg white custard - accompanied by steamed sea urchin nestled in thin yuba tofu, all draped in a luscious sauce. December and January introduce crispy fried golden eye snapper paired with delectably flavorful seasonal Kyoto taro enveloped in beef.

The Japanese wagyu beef in February takes the form of a miso and chopped shiitake mushroom-grilled sirloin. Completing the ensemble, plump shrimp-filled crunchy lotus roots provide a delightful accompaniment. Learn more about ANA's full dining experience here.

ANA also offer a special, discounted internal flight service to foreign tourists called the Experience Japan Fare.

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