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ANA's Experience Japan Fare is a great, cost-effective way to explore Japan by air. It's part of their domestic flight services, and one of a few Special Fares they offer, designed to encourage exploration of Japan by flying with ANA.

Here's my guide to ANA's Experience Japan Fare so you can determine if it is suitable for you and your travel plans.

ANA Experience Japan Fare The Real Japan

ANA's Experience Japan Fare

by Rob Dyer

Discounted domestic flights

All Nippon Airways (usually abbreviated to ANA) is Japan's largest airline. 

Their Experience Japan Fare is a special fare that can be used across ANA’s entire Japan domestic flight network. It's a service specifically designed for foreign visitors to Japan, priced to encourage exploration of Japan's diverse islands.

Prices are significantly lower than their standard domestic flights. However, it's also worth checking prices of the various low cost carrier airlines also operating in Japan.

Boarding an ANA flight The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Boarding an ANA domestic flight with my wife

Flying with Japanese airlines

Whenever I fly from my home in the UK to Japan, I always aim to fly with a Japanese airline such as All Nippon Airways (ANA) or Japan Airlines (JAL). Both airlines offer a great balance between price and service. Particularly if you're flying economy or 'economy plus' classes.

Even though, like the majority of airlines in recent years, both airlines have slightly trimmed back on the 'luxuries' included in their fares, the standard of in-flight service with both airlines is usually noticeably better than many of their rivals. If you have the option, I recommend flying with either ANA or JAL, you'll rarely go wrong.

TIP: I always begin searching flights using the Skyscanner website. It's quick, easy, flexible (has some really useful filters)  and has a refreshingly clutter-free interface (they also have a mobile app if you prefer).

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An alternative to shinkansen

As the fares are aimed specifically at foreign visitors, ANA are clearly hoping that some travellers will choose their Experience Japan Fare flights instead of taking the shinkansen.

And with good reason. When it comes to longer-haul travel within Japan, its much-praised bullet trains are not always the quickest or cheapest means of transportation.

Japan Without Japanese Audiobook eBook bundle The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Train vs plane - an example

It takes around 8 hours to travel by shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagasaki on the southern island of Kyushu. Taking a flight takes just 2 hours. 

Price wise, the cheapest return shinkansen option would be to get a 7 Day JR Pass for ¥29,650. Whereas a return flight using ANA Experience Japan Fare would be just ¥22,000. That's a ¥7,650 saving.

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ANA Experience Japan Fare The Real Japan

Geisha on the streets of Kyoto - Credit: ANA

Fares and routes

There are three ANA Experience Japan Fares. Pricing is determined by the locations they cover. * indicates a round trip.

Sapporo to Wakkanai*, Memanbetsu, Nemuro Nakashibetsu, Kushiro, Hakodate, Aomori, Akita, Sendai, Niigata, Fukushima.
Tokyo to Odate Noshiro, Akita, Shonai.
Osaka to Aomori*, Akita, Sendai, Fukushima, Niigata.

Tokyo to Osaka* (Itami, Kobe or Kansai airports).

Routes within the ANA network aside from the above.

This pricing is current as at June 2023. All prices include tax.

ANA Experience Japan Fare The Real Japan

Sunset over Tokyo - Credit: ANA

Islands and cities included in ANA's Experience Japan Fare

Major cities covered by the network include Sapporo, Tokyo (both Haneda and Narita airports), Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Okinawa. Meaning the following islands are all included:

ANA Network Map

ANA Domestic Flight Network Map - Credit: ANA

Fare baggage allowance

The fare includes a free baggage allowance, which is the same piece system as on international flights. ANA advises all fare users to check the baggage rules of all of their flights.

Details on fare conditions

It is possible an additional airport fee may apply to the above pricing. Fares are converted from Japanese Yen to the local currency, and is therefore subject to change, depending on the current exchange rate.

Reservations must be made at least three days prior to the departure date. Seats booked using this fare are limited and may not be available on all days or on all flights.

Full details on the fare conditions can be found on ANA's website HERE.

ANA Experience Japan Fare The Real Japan

Sample local dishes throughout Japan - Credit: ANA

Eligibility for the ANA Experience Japan Fare

To use this fare, the following conditions must be met:

  • Passengers must reside outside of Japan.
  • Passengers must hold a passport issued by any country other than Japan, or be a Japanese passport holder with permanent residency outside of Japan.
    (Passport details are required at time of purchase.)

  • Passengers must hold an international ticket/tickets to and from Japan.
    (This fare is only applicable for stay in Japan using the international tickets described above.)
    (The reservation code or ticket number are required at the time of purchase.)
ANA Experience Japan Fare The Real Japan

Explore Japan's remote Yaeyama Islands - Credit: ANA

Full details on the ANA Experience Japan Fare can be found on the ANA website HERE - where flight availability can be checked and bookings made.

JAL's Japan Explorer Pass

Rival airline Japan Airlines (JAL) also offers a similar discounted domestic flight program called the JAL Japan Explorer Pass. You can read more about that HERE.

Rob Dyer The Real Japan

About the Author

A writer and publisher from England, Rob has been exploring Japan’s islands since 2000. He specialises in travelling off the beaten track, whether on remote atolls or in the hidden streets of major cities. He’s the founder of TheRealJapan.com.

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  • HI, i am noticing that on ANA website the experience japan fares are suspended, while on JAL i can boo these fares, i am travelling end of october 2022 as travel is open, any idea when ANA will also allow discounted travel i want to go from Haneda to Toyama to check out Kurobe gorge, any other alternatives?

      • Hi, I am also seeing that ANA Explorer Pass is suspended for sales. Would you mind putting the link here that you book with?

        • Hello JR, that’s frustrating! I can see that ANA’s Visit Japan Fare is suspended as well. At the moment, of their 3 Special Fares, only the ANA Discover Japan Fare is on sale. The availability period runs up to October 26, 2024, and you can purchase from 355 days before boarding. You can find details on that fare, and make bookings, here: https://www.ana.co.jp/en/gb/plan-book/promotions/special-fares/

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