Enjoy a seamless, end-to-end journey into The Real Japan

My premium service, tailored to your preferences and requirements. From getting your questions answered to receiving a complete, bookable itinerary. Simply choose the number of consultation days to match your needs.

Takahashi, Japan
Itsukushima Iroha ryokan Hiroshima
Asano Kajiya Japanese knife experience featured

What's possible with Concierge?

Some examples of how I can help you via Concierge:

  • A tailor-made Japan Travel Plan matching your interests and preferences
  • A unique Artisan Experiences Plan giving you private access to Japan's finest craftspeople
  • Curated hotel/lodging recommendations based on your criteria
  • Recommendations for transportation, airport transfers, rail passes, private flights
  • Expert assistance bringing your travel ideas to life
  • Save countless days researching and planning
  • No more 'options overwhelm', no headaches

How does the service work?

  • Choose your plan duration
  • We agree the scope of the service (can be on a Zoom call)
  • We can 'pause the clock' giving you time to consider my ideas
  • I deliver your personalised solution

Unlimited assistance

There's no limit on the number of questions you can ask via email while you're using Concierge.

Help with anything

Ask me anything about planning your trip to Japan, from dream destinations to simplifying travel logistics, to curating a personal cultural experiences plan, or recommending the best lodging in the country and I'll provide you with the best, tailor-made solutions.

Intensive sprints with feedback

Whichever plan duration you choose, rather than work 'flat out' for 4, 8 or 16 hours straight, instead I work in short, intensive sprints. This enables me to get feedback from you if necessary while I am crafting your solution. It also means there's no pressure on you to respond - we can 'pause the clock' when I'm not actively working, giving you time to consider some of my ideas. Meaning even a 4-hour Half-Day Plan can span several days if necessary.

"If I'm going to Japan I want to do it right!"

Hear Elliott's story:

"It was a priceless experience working with Rob.

Not only did he completely transform any itinerary or agenda that I would have had, he saved me the cost of his consultation within the first five to ten minutes of speaking to him.

I think that anyone who doesn't use him for their for his services in their travel to Japan he's doing themselves a disservice because they're effectively risking 80 to 90% of the possible enjoyment of Japan if they don't consult with Rob.

I can't thank Rob enough and I recommend anyone to use him."

Elliott Reid, Founder Revitalize Clinic

Choose Your
Concierge Plan 

Each service plan comes with unlimited email support. Simply select the length that works best for you.

If you’re working on a long itinerary or know that you require a lot of help, I recommend the 2 Days plan. You’ll also save 10% by booking the longest plan.

If you just need help getting your itinerary finalised or asking a few questions, then I recommend you buy a 1/2 or 1 Day at a time. 

All plans can be topped up as required in 1/2 Day increments if you wish.

I needed an expert to
double check our itinerary

Angie L The Real Japan testimonial

"I reached out to Rob because I had so many questions about our trip to Japan. His website and blog posts were so helpful, but I had some specific questions and really needed an expert to double check our itinerary.

Rob was so helpful. He had great advice and tips. We felt so much more confident arriving in Japan based on his guidance."

Angie L.

Saved me more than the cost of the service. Excellent stuff!

Andrew Rondeau testimonial TPS The Real Japan

"I had spent hours and hours deciding what to do on my first trip. Just a few tweaks with Rob and I’m now even more excited than ever!

For me, the travel planning service was never about saving money… it was to get the best experiences and best use of my time while there.

Saying that, Rob has also saved me more than the cost of the service. Excellent stuff!"

Andrew Rondeau

I was locked in a state of decision paralysis

Jackson Houston Japan Travel Planning Service The Real Japan

"I spent hours upon hours scouring the web trying to decide what I wanted to do with my time in Japan. There were so many options, I was locked in a state of decision paralysis.

Rob helped me narrow down my goals, put together a comprehensive plan to accomplish everything that I wanted to in Japan as well as providing advice and resources on how to go about my trip.

Without Rob I am sure that my trip would've been a jumbled unfocused mess, but because of the insanely effective help, I am certain that this will be the best trip of my life."

Jackson Houston

The service was incredibly valuable
to re-working my itinerary

Martine Foubert

"I was unclear on scheduling and logistics (train, car, bus) during the trip. As well, I needed some advice on best sights and cities. The service provided by Rob was incredibly valuable to re-working my itinerary.

The suggestions provided allowed me to solidify my plans and create a better vacation. All my questions were answered fulsomely and picking Rob's brain about alternatives was extremely useful.

The written recommendations in the email allowed me to make all the changes to create a better trip."

Martine F.