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Airlines, accommodation, experiences, and tour booking, Japan Rail Pass, Wi-Fi, SIM card rental, Japan guide books, guides and checklists.


Accommodation guides, hotel reviews, the best ryokan and onsen. Ultra-modern city hotels, luxury retreats, hostels and cheap Tokyo.

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Anyone can plan a trip... just choose 2 or 3 destinations and hope for the best. Right?

Well, only if you want to return home regretting all the things you could have done but missed entirely.

If you're starting to plan your trip to Japan, this is the place to learn everything from the basics – from the travel essentials and helpful planning resources, through to the specifics of building your perfect itinerary.

Below you'll find my most popular tips and advice on planning a unique and unforgettable trip to Japan. Let's get started!

Travel Essentials

The Japan Rail Pass is fantastic value for anyone looking to explore Japan by rail. I highly recommend JRPass if you are looking to buy national or regional Japan Rail Passes.

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Order before 1st October to beat 70% price increase

Popular Planning Info

I never travel in Japan without WiFi. If you are considering renting a portable WiFi router, then I can personally recommend Ninja WiFi.

Accommodation Reviews

There are several great accommodation booking websites. But, honestly, the one my wife and I use the most is They have an excellent choice of all types of places to stay in Japan: western hotels, ryokan, minshuku, shukubo & more.

Japan Book Reviews

There are thousands of book about all aspects of travel, culture and life in Japan. Use my Recommended Book Lists on Amazon to save time and get to the best books in each category.

Popular Planning Videos

SkySpa, Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba

The Kyoto Hotel That’s Also An Art Gallery

Pocket WiFi in Japan:
Ninja WiFi Guide

Top 7 Etiquette Tips
For Travel in Japan

My List Of Recommended Japan Travel Resources

Whether you’re thinking about your first trip to Japan, or you're a seasoned multi-tripper looking for some fresh inspiration, all the travel advice and resources out there can be overwhelming.

That’s why I've compiled my Recommended Japan Travel Resources for you.

This list is filled with carefully selected travel resources. And I only include the best services and products. Those I use myself or recommend to my clients.

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