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Japan Airlines offer an excellent flight deal - which is only available to foreign tourists. 

It's called the JAL Japan Explorer Pass. 

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A simple, low-cost solution

Prices start from a little as 5,400yen - that's only $50 / AU$66 / £36 - including tax!

It's is a simple and low cost fare for travelers wishing to explore the unique culture and feel of local Japan.

The fare can be used to access over 30 cities across JAL’s domestic network.

The pass provides an easy solution to travelling beyond Tokyo and the well-trodden tourist routes.

JAL Explorer Pass The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Day trip to Shirakawago, Gokayama or Takayama from Kanazawa

Prices and routes covered

It's available at a special price for any applicable route within Japan at 3 price points:

5,400 yen (Tax included):
Routes within Hokkaido & Routes departing from/to Tohoku

7,560 yen (Tax included):
Routes between Tokyo and Osaka
Routes between Tokyo and Nanki-Shirahama
Routes between Okinawa main island and outlying islands

10,800 yen (Tax included): Routes aside from the above.

*Fare is valid for Economy Class travel only. (Class J, First Class may be purchased at the time of check-in on a standby basis.)

*Depending on the availability, JAL Japan Explorer Pass fare may not display for some routes.

JAL Explorer Pass The Real Japan geisha

Dinner with a top level geisha performance in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Free Wi-Fi included

JAL offers free internet access on their Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft across Japan, so it's east to stay connected onboard.

For Nagoya (Chubu) - Okinawa (Naha), Okinawa (Naha) - Miyako / Ishigaki routes, inflight Wi-Fi is available on some flights only. You may check the latest departure and arrival information starting one day prior to departure for the Wi-Fi availability on your flight.

JAL Explorer Pass Miyajima The Real Japan

JAL Japan Explorer Pass website

Eligibility for the JAL Explorer Pass

Only individuals residing outside Japan with a return ticket leaving Japan are eligible to purchase JAL Japan Explorer Pass fares.

Reservation and purchase of domestic flight sectors must be completed through JAL’s website.

A long list of destinations and routes, along with full details and terms are available on the JAL Japan Explorer Pass website.

Take a look - it might give you some ideas for exploring The Real Japan! 🙂

JAL Explorer Pass Ishigaki The Real Japan

Try an introduction diving course in Ishigaki Island

ANA's Experience Japan Fare

All Nippon Airways (ANA) also offer a similar discount program called the ANA Experience Japan Fare. You can read more about that HERE.

Rob Dyer The Real Japan

About the Author

A writer and publisher from England, Rob has been exploring Japan’s islands since 2000. He specialises in travelling off the beaten track, whether on remote atolls or in the hidden streets of major cities. He’s the founder of TheRealJapan.com.

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  • Hi, to be eligible for the JAL Explorer Pass, is it mandatory to fly in and out of Japan with JAL ? or is any other airline ok ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Florian – thanks for your question. You can fly in and out of Japan with any airline and still use JAL’s Explorer Pass. Their essential requirements are:

      1. Only individuals residing outside of Japan with an international air ticket to and from Japan are eligible to purchase JAL Japan Explorer Pass Fares.
      2. Reservation and purchase of domestic flight sectors must be completed through the JAL website.

      But I do recommend reading the full Terms and Conditions on the JAL website linked to in the post before making a purchase.

  • Hi Rob, I’m from Australia and can’t seem to find anywhere that you can register for this explorer pass. When you actually book these flights it asks for a member number? Can you point me in the right direction please.

    • Hi Angela, you should be able to make a reservation either with or without a JMB account. When you’ve chosen your flight options you should have two buttons – one to “Continue as JMB member” and one “Continue as guest” – just choose the guest option. Are you not seeing that? If not, try opening the site in a private/incognito window and see if you get both options. (I just checked their site and I’m seeing both options.)

  • Am I able to purchase tickets through JAL Explorer Pass while staying in Japan or are tickets only able to be purchased outside Japan? I am an American citzen with a US Passport. I plan to stay in Aomori for a few months but would like to visit Tokyo for a few days. I don’t have a set plan when I want to go but if I choose to just up and leave, am I able to use this program? I will have a laptop with me so will I be able to buy a ticket from my accomodation?

    • Hello Tom – thanks for your question. I called JAL just to double check and the answer is – yes you can. Provided you meet all the eligibility criteria (which it sounds like you know and would), you can purchase tickets when in Japan up to 24 hours before departure. Tickets should be purchased via the JAL website here: https://www.jal.co.jp/arl/en/world/japan_explorer_pass/lp/. Hope that helps. Happy travels!

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