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The Real Japan Rob Dyer testimonial The Real Japan Rob Dyer testimonial
“Just wish we’d had this before we went – this guy knows the country inside out”   “Just got the Guide :-) Thank you!! Such great ideas!! Next time I’m sure to include some!!”   ““Your. Guide. Is. Awesome!!! It really brings us to the core of the real Japan, the one below the surface, the one where true encounters with people and culture are possible.”
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I will show you The Real Japan –
ideas and resources for discovering Japan beyond the clichés


My first visit to Japan, in 2000, was partly for business. Although only a few days of my two weeks were spent on business, they were very much the focus of my trip.

When I returned to the UK, I thought of all the things I could have done; other places I could have explored, if only I’d had a proper ‘game plan’ in advance. I vowed not to make the same mistake twice.

Since then I’ve dedicated my time to researching and exploring Japan beyond the cliches.

My wife worked in the travel industry for many years, including for two major Japanese airlines. But, it was when she landed a role specifically in itinerary research and planning that we really started to get ahead of the curve.

I’ve now been exploring Japan for almost 20 years. And I think it’s fair to say I’ve picked up a few tips along the way.

Now, we get so much more out of our travels. Unique encounters, unforgettable experiences, exploring hidden landscapes, savouring delicious food, staying in beautiful accommodation.

And you can too.

Get your planning right and you need only one trip to really experience The Real Japan like nobody else has, or could.

Join a global community of Japan travellers like you.

Join me.

Let me show you The Real Japan.

– Rob Dyer

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