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UPDATED! Where To Stay in Kyushu (Updated Kyushu Island Guide)

Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel Kyushu

Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel, Kyushu

I've updated my Discover Kyushu Island Guide to include hotel accommodation suggestions for three major cities: Fukuoka, Kagoshima and Nagasaki.

Although it's Japan's third-largest island by size, Kyushu is all too often overlooked or left out of itineraries.

This is a major oversight.

This balmy southern island offers plenty of variety in a compact area, meaning even the shortest of well-planned visits provides ample opportunity to sample some of Japan's natural highlights.

(See my posts about JAL's Japan Explorer Pass and ANA's Experience Japan Fare discounted airfares for tourists for internal flights to Kyushu.)

NEW VIDEO! Don't Miss Awaji Island - Godzilla!, Palm Trees and Beaches

In this short extract, taken from a forthcoming episode of the Krewe of Japan Podcast, I suggest a couple of reasons why you might want to visit Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture:

  • Palm tree-lined beaches
  • Godzilla!

Not the kind of image most people think of when you mention Osaka. But just across from the city, on the other side of Osaka Bay, is Awaji Island - complete with palm tree fringed beaches.

Oh, and there's a chance to meet Japan's most famous monster at the world's largest, life-sized "Godzilla" at Awaji Island's Godzilla Park, where you can fly down the 162m/531ft zipline right into Godzilla's mouth!

(You can book the Godzilla zipline HERE.)

Mobal Adds 100GB eSIMs To Their Range

Mobal Japan eSIMs site

Mobal have just added 100GB 16-day and 31-day eSIMs to their range, which should be of interest to heavy users.

eSIMs are downloadable embedded SIM cards, that can be used with more recent smartphones (unlocked Android and iPhones) eliminating the need for physical cards, providing simple connectivity.

At the time of writing, the 16-day 100GB eSIM costs ¥6,500 ($42/£34), and the 31-day 100GB eSIM costs ¥8,000 ($52/£42).

If your device doesn't support eSIMs, check out Mobal's physical Japan SIM cards HERE.

One reason why I recommend Mobal is the majority of its profits go to charity. Buying your SIM from them means you are supporting ethical and sustainable travel.

Okinawa Playlist Added to YouTube

Japan's subtropical, most southwesterly prefecture and main island (Okinawa Island) stands apart from its four larger, better-known neighbours.

Its culture reflects external influences over thousands of years, and its landscapes challenge the common perception of what Japan looks like.

Browse my Okinawa playlist for a peak into the real Okinawa!

(See my posts about JAL's Japan Explorer Pass and ANA's Experience Japan Fare discounted tourist airfares on internal flights to Okinawa.)

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