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A collection of guides and resources to make your
Japan Trip Planning Easy and Inspiring...

Anyone can plan a trip... just choose 2 or 3 destinations and hope for the best. Right?

Well, only if you want to return home regretting all the things you could have done but missed entirely.

If you're thinking about planning a trip to Japan, this book shows you everything from the basics – from the travel essentials and helpful planning resources - through to specific itineraries for different parts of this incredible country.

In this book you'll find my most popular articles, tips and advice from on planning a unique and unforgettable trip to Japan. 

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Takahashi The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Konnichiwa, I'm Rob Dyer

“Whether you're planning your first trip to Japan or your tenth, my book will get your started on your journey quicker and more easily.”

Inside this Practical, Quick Reference Guide:


How to plan travel to Japan. Essentials you need before you come. Etiquette tips, how to prepare, checklists and guides.


Discounted air fares, Wi-Fi rental guide, baby travel, seasonal travel, 'How To' guides, interactive Japan map.


Japanese ryokan inns and onsen hot springs. Hotels, luxury retreats, hostels, cheap Tokyo, and accommodation hacks.

Saki Periscope The Real Japan

Priceless tips. Get your copy.”

“This book has over 200+ pages of Japan travel guides with priceless tips based from his actual experience. Get your copy.”

- Saki Yoshida, JustAJapaneseGirl

Craig Hoffman Grey, Grizzled and Gaijin The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Highly recommended for budget and luxury travellers alike!

Informative and entertaining for anyone looking to discover what Japan has to offer. The links inside also provide up-to-date resources to help everyone enjoy Japan while saving tons of yen.

- Craig Hoffman, Grey, Grizzled and Gaijin

In this book You Will Discover:

Decent, cheap Tokyo Hotels

"What are mini-apartment rooms? Plus my number one recommended decent, cheap Tokyo hotel"

Staying in a decent but cheap hotel in Tokyo is possible. If you know what to look for and where find it. My Tokyo hotel guide shows you what and where.

Decent Cheap Hotel Tokyo The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Insider Onsen Tips for Those With Tattoos

In Japan if you have tattoos it can affect where you're welcome and what you can do. This most often crops up at onsen (Japan's natural hot springs). Includes...

  • Japan's most tattoo-friendly onsen town.
  • The 1,300 year-old traditional village where all the public bathhouses welcome foreigners with tattoos.
Kinosaki Onsen The Real Japan Rob Dyer

ANA's and JAL's Special Discounted Airfares

ANA (All Nippon Airways) and JAL (Japan Airlines) have special, discounted fares available only to foreign visitors. They can be used across both airlines' entire domestic flight networks in Japan.

ANA Experience Japan Fare The Real Japan

Tips & Tricks for Exploring Japan With A Baby

Travelling to Japan with a baby or a toddler? Here's 12 essential tips and tricks for exploring Japan with a baby, written by a mum for other mums.

Ready to see The Real Japan with your little ones?

Japan with a baby The Real Japan Rob Dyer Teni Wada

PLUS: More than 20 handy
Japan Travel Guides in 247 Pages

Saki Periscope The Real Japan

Amazing. Covers everything from the basics, yet shows hidden gems.”

What I personally found amazing about this book is that, it covers everything from the basics, yet shows the undiscovered non-touristic places (aka hidden gems)

- Saki Yoshida, JustAJapaneseGirl

Craig Hoffman Grey, Grizzled and Gaijin The Real Japan Rob Dyer

“Of value to even the most seasoned of Japan-loving adventurers.”

“Covers general aspects of travel in Japan for first-time travelers. But also offers more specific content that is of value to even the most seasoned of Japan-loving adventurers.”

- Craig Hoffman, Grey, Grizzled and Gaijin

Regina Rianelli The Real Japan

“A source of reliable information...”

“Thank you for sharing such varied content that draws people worldwide to your source of reliable information. Cheers!”

- Regina Rianelli, Professor, Estácio de Sá University, Brazil

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