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Thinking of visiting Kyushu?

Here's my 5-day itinerary - a whistlestop tour of a few highlights of Kyushu, including recommendations for sights, restaurants and hotels for each day, with photos.

5 Days In Kyushu

The starting point for our return trip was Kobe - 20 minutes east of Osaka by train. But you could be starting in any number of cities in Japan that have an airport.

Of course, you could start in one city, fly to Kyushu, use this itinerary, and then fly onto a new city as your next destination.

Just choose somewhere where the flight time isn't too long so that you can make the most of your first and last days in Kyushu.


The Itinerary

Day 1:  Kobe to Fukuoka
Day 2:  Fukuoka
Day 3:  Fukuoka to Nagasaki
Day 4:  Nagasaki to Saikai
Day 5:  Saikai to Kobe


Ohori Park Fukuoka Kyushu The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Ohori Park, Fukuoka

Day 1: Kobe > Fukuoka

Fly: 08:00 Osaka Itami to Fukuoka (5am start)
Lunch: Cafe Brasileiro - Fukuoka's oldest cafe (food OK, coffee good, atmosphere great)
See: ACROS building (stunning 'half-pyramid' architecture cultural centre covered in greenery)
Stay: Hotel Forza (just thirty seconds from Hakata Station)

ACROS building, Fukuoka The Real Japan Rob Dyer

ACROS Building, Fukuoka


Day 2: Fukuoka

Activity: Stroll around Ohori Park (walk across bridges connecting three islands in a large lake)
Lunch: Restaurant Mizutaki Nagano (top quality, proper nabe, reservations essential)
Coffee: Cafe 'Knock' (run by an 89 year old lady for more than 40 years)
Buy: Traditional sweets from Ishimura Manseido Deitos (gorgeous original shop and sweets)

Nabe at Mizutaki Nagano, Fukuoka The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Nabe at Mizutaki Nagano, Fukuoka


Day 3: Fukuoka > Nagasaki

Train: 09:55 Kamome Limited Express from Hakata (interior looks like business class airline designed by Mercedes Benz)
Stroll: Nakashima River/Tera-machi districts (more than 10 bridges + traditional machiya repurposed as shops, cafes, galleries, etc.)
View: The stunning city lights at night by taking the Nagasaki Ropeway to the top of Mt. Inasa


Video: Nagasaki Ropeway at Night


Dinner: Restaurant Yossou (chawan mushi - steamed egg custard specialist, incredible pork)
Stay: Hotel Forza (rated #1 hotel in Nagasaki on Trip Advisor)

5 Days in Kyushu Nakashima River district, Nagasaki The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Nakashima River district, Nagasaki


Want to see the famous 'Spectacles Bridge' for yourself? Use this self-guided tour of Nagasaki (ideal for couples).

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Video: Nagasaki Tram Ride - Route 5

Day 4: Nagasaki > Saikai

Ride: The Nagasaki Electric Tramway for a cool retro way to get about the city
Experience: Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki (sobering, be sure to visit the blast hypocentre outside)
Train: 15:00 Sea Side Liner from Nagasaki Station to Huis Ten Bosch Station
See: Omura Bay (sit on the left hand side of the train when leaving Nagasaki Station for the best views)
Stay: Minshuku (stay in a regular home with a local family)


Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki


Day 5: Saikai > Kobe

Experience: Mikan picking at Saikai Genkimura eco-village (thoroughly recommended - full article to follow!)
Lunch: Restaurant Kasayama (good quality Japanese staples, reasonably priced, large portions served in private dining rooms)
Bus: From Huis Ten Bosch (we didn't go inside the theme park) to Nagasaki Airport
Fly: 17:20 Nagasaki to Kobe Airport

Mikan picking - Saikai Genkimura eco-village, Saikai The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Mikan picking - Saikai Genkimura eco-village, Saikai

I hope you got some insights, motivation and, if you're thinking of spending a few days in Kyushu, some ideas from this quick snapshot of just a small sampling of what Kyushu offers.

I have a real fondness for the island. I'll be back for sure.

I also hope this inspires you to do some research, maybe dig a little deeper, start some planning yourself.

If you have any feedback or comments to add please and let me know what you thought.

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  • Eric Larsen says:

    When traveling from the western US, consider flying Hawaiian Air into Fukuoka. They offer major savings over flights that go through Tokyo. It’s about 30% cheaper to fly through Honolulu instead of Haneda.

    • I wasn’t aware of that Eric. 30% is a big saving! Thanks for sharing.

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