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Vintage Tattooed Japanese Men

Guide: Onsen Tattoo Tips

​​Whilst tattoos in Japan are synonymous with the Yakuza, the Japanese are unlikely to think that non-Japanese who have tattoos are members of the Yakuza!That said, because of the association,…

Japan with a baby The Real Japan Rob Dyer Teni Wada

Checklist: Flying With A Baby To Japan

​When traveling with littles ones it’s always best to expect the unexpected. Packing for your Japan trip begins with your international flight.It’s a good idea to have an airplane carry-on…

Secret Moments of Maikos Philippe Marinig The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Secret Moments of Maikos

​The allure and enigma of geisha, Japan’s professional female entertainers, is the subject of endless articles, haiku, Pinterest posts, YouTube videos, books and photographs. With the influx of tourists into Kyoto…

Osaka Station City plazas The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Exploring Osaka Station City: Plazas

Exploring Osaka Station City: Plazas This is the first in a series of film-based articles about Osaka Station City. It focuses on the plazas within the complex. Osaka Station City…

5 Days in Kyushu Nakashima River district, Nagasaki The Real Japan Rob Dyer

UPDATED! 5 Days In Kyushu – Itinerary

Thinking of visiting Kyushu?Here’s my 5-day itinerary – a whistlestop tour of a few highlights of Kyushu, including recommendations for sights, restaurants and hotels for each day, with photos. Quick…