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All aboard! The film below follows the journey onboard the steam locomotive exhibit ride at Kyoto Railway Museum in Kyoto.

The original Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum opened in 1972, but was expanded and modernized in 2016, becoming the current day Kyoto Railway Museum.

VIDEO: Steam Locomotive Kyoto Railway Museum Ride

Steam locomotive Kyoto Railway Museum ride

The museum is an absolute must-see if you're into trains of any era.

Even if you're not particularly a train geek, you might still want to consider adding this sprawling, impressive museum to your 'to do' list if you're planning on coming to Kyoto.

A small additional fee

To get access to this steam locomotive you'll need to pay the entrance to the main museum as well. Then, for a small additional fee, visitors can access the steam locomotive exhibit and ride in cars pulled by one of the actual steam locomotives kept and maintained at the museum.

And it's well worth the small extra cost.

The 1km round-trip

The 1km round-trip takes about 10 minutes, giving visitors a small taste of how it felt to travel by steam locomotive.

The journey exits the railyard on a private track that at first runs parallel with the Tokaido main and shinkansen lines running into Kyoto Station, it then veers off to run alongside Umekoji Park.

It then reverses along the track, back to the platform at the Museum.


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