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Journey From Kansai International Airport to Ashiya (via Limousine Bus, Train and Taxi)

Join us as we travel in the evening from Kansai International Airport to Ashiya.

On this particular occasion we had three legs to our journey.

1.) LIMOUSINE BUS - from outside Kansai International Airport to Nishinomiya

At Kansai International Airport - look out for the security guard gliding around on his Segway. It's so slow though, I'm not sure it's a very practical means of maintaining security at the airport!

We had some time to kill, so stopped at one of the airport restaurants to grab a bite to eat and a coffee.

We then headed outside to catch the Limousine Bus to Nishinomiya.

Location Map #1 Kansai International Airport


2.) TRAIN - from Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi station (Hankyu Railway) to Ashiyagawa station

In Nishinomiya, the bus stop is right outside Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi train station, which is part of the Hankyu Railway.

It's only a couple of stops to Ashiyagawa - where we would get off.

Location Map #2 Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station

3.) TAXI - from Ashiyagawa station to our apartment

There is a taxi rank directly outside Ashiyagawa station where cabs regularly pull up. We managed to jump straight into a taxi (rear doors, and the boot/trunk) open automatically.

Our driver asked us where we had come from. He seemed surprised when we said we'd flown in from the UK to Kansai International Airport. I guess they are more used to carrying salarymen home late from work or those laden down after some serious shopping in neighbouring Kobe or Osaka.

Location Map #3 Ashiya


This film was shot from my Point Of View (POV) and, at times, I had to focus more on what I was doing than the quality of my camera work. So, advanced warning: there is a bit of wobble-cam a couple of times!

With several suitcases this isn't the most straightforward journey, but is probably the cheapest. To be honest, having experienced this, following a 12 hour flight to Japan from the UK, we've never repeated it!

If we're doing this journey (Kansai to Ashiya, or vice versa) now, we just book a taxi. It costs more but is by far the most convenient (if less eventful!) option.

Have you done this, or a similar journey? What's the most legs to your arrival journey you've had? Please leave a comment below - I'd love to know!


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