A friend’s first visit to Japan (Tokyo Daisuki!)

When a friend, Dawn Lintern, who is the lead singer in a band called Das Fluff (dasfluff.com) was on a tour in Tokyo, she posted these wonderful first impressions of Japan on her Facebook page. I asked if I could share it here. If you’ve never been to Japan – this conjures up just the right image I think…

Fish that’s still jumping when it gets delivered to the restaurant, Geisha girls with slimy business men, cigarette smoke, cherry blossom, litter-free streets, teenage girls dressed like 5 year olds, courtesy, friendliness, modesty, non-agressive driving, orderly queues, Asahi, being treated like a pop goddess (for one night, at least), dogs in sunglasses, an insanely efficient transport service, soundchecks that run to schedule and the worst cover version of Radiohead’s Karma Police ever.

I don’t want to go back to London.

I know how she feels. :-)

Dawn enjoyed it so much that she wrote a song about all the things she loved about the city and Japan. It’s called Tokyo Daisuki – or I Love Tokyo. I hope you enjoy it:

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    Great work with #Tokyo #Daisuki and #Das_Fluff #Dawn : #Cheers to You !!!

    Dear #Rob, whenever You have the time, kindly also include Museums exhibitions, like #MoriArtMuseum at #Roppongi, that will be holding until #March2016 with #TakashiMurakami: #500Arhats #PopArt and stuff.

    People #Love to consume #Art too!

    Regina Rianelli

    P.S.: Photo from Creative Commons

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        Yes, I have read that #excellent #StudioGhibli #Article with great #photographs, sir , but have had already Commented there formerly…
        that’s why I chose to use this space here to help and create more traffic…

        You will be able to build a #Museum #Map throughout #Japan as you’ re touring around…
        ln the near Future you will have those Museums e-mailing You new #Shows and offering their yearly #scheadules to be published : #Cheers!

        #Count on me!

        my Best – many #Blessings – #Sayonara!,
        Regina Rianelli