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Review Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Review: Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba

  Review: Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba – Rooftop Sky Spa In keeping with our taste for a bit of luxury (without having to pay ridiculous luxury prices!), we singled out the Candeo Hotels chain. They operate business hotels across Japan combining an element of luxury but with a somewhat more reasonable price point. That key ‘element’ in the Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba is they offer what they legimately call their SkySpa – large rooftop onsen-style…

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Visiting A Shinto Shrine, The Real Japan, Rob Dyer

Visiting A Shinto Shrine on New Year’s Eve

Visiting A Shinto Shrine on New Year’s Eve Hatsumōde (初詣) is the first Shinto shrine visit of the Japanese New Year (starting on 1st January). Although most people visit on the first, second, or third day of the year (as most are off work on those days), typically, we visit our local shrine a couple of minutes after midnight – just as the new year is starting on the 1st of January. Prayers are made…

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Osaka Station City plazas The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Exploring Osaka Station City: Plazas

Exploring Osaka Station City: Plazas This is the first in a series of film-based articles about Osaka Station City. It focuses on the plazas within the complex. Osaka Station City is a vast shopping and transportation complex. It’s bookended by the towering North Gate and South Gate Buildings, and with Osaka Station at its heart. This sprawling development connects multiple rail and subway lines with a bus terminal and incorporates Umeda Station, and is justifiably…

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Just Japan Podcast The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Just Japan Podcast: The Real Japan

I’m not much of a podcast listener but there was one that caught my ear about 18 months ago – the Just Japan Podcast show – hosted by expat Canadian Kevin O’Shea – who as lived in Kobe for 9 years. Just Japan Podcast It genuinely does live up to its strapline: “Everything you want to know about Japan“. So I was delighted (and more than a bit chuffed) when Kevin invited me to appear…

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Kobe Luminarie light festival The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Kobe Luminarie Light Festival

Kobe Luminarie is an annual light festival held in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, every December since 1995. It commemorates the Great Hanshin earthquake of that year. This stunning, multicoloured display attracts millions of visitors to Kobe in December every year. It’s a must see in winter time in Japan. The festival runs for around two weeks every evening. It is viewed by about 3-5 million people each year. It has a personal connection for me as…

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5 Days in Kyushu Nakashima River district, Nagasaki The Real Japan Rob Dyer

5 Days In Kyushu – Itinerary

Thinking of spending 5 days in Kyushu? Here’s a whistlestop tour of a few highlights of Kyushu, including recommendations for each day, with photos. We have just returned to Ashiya (our base, near Kobe) after five days on the southern island of Kyushu – here’s our five day itinerary. 5 Days In Kyushu – Itinerary       Day1: Kobe > Fukuoka Fly: 08:00 Osaka Itami to Fukuoka (5am start) Lunch: Cafe Brasileiro – Fukuoka’s…

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Kyoto Journal ikebana The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Kyoto Journal: Celebrating Japanese Culture

Founded in 1986 by editor and designer John Einarsen, Kyoto Journal has been creating a record of and celebrating Japanese and Asian culture for the past 30 years. That in itself these days would be impressive enough. Yet, more remarkable of all its achievements, is that not only is it still putting out a diverse and inspiring range of content but it has done so by relying entirely upon volunteer staff. Describing its approach as…

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Sado Sadogashima The Real Japan Rob Dyer

3 Months In Japan – Without A Plan

3 Months In Japan – Without A Plan In a few days my wife and I will be returning to Japan – to live there for 3 months. (This has been a long time coming!) Ironically, although it will be the most amount of time I’ve spent in Japan in one trip, I basically have no travel plan. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. We do have an itinerary taking us up until Christmas – which…

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