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Saki of Just A Japanese Girl blog – Photo: JustAJapaneseGirl

I had planned to do a live Periscope broadcast a few days ago with Saki of the Just A Japanese Girl blog and Periscope fame.

Sadly, it didn’t happen due to some technology issues. :-(

Saki is a dynamo of unfettered, enthusiastic, bubbly energy. She’s positively infectious!

She’s also passionate about her love of traditional Japanese culture and wearing kimono – which she frequently shares via her incredibly popular Periscope broadcasts: where she has received more than 7.5 Million hearts!

Despite being unable to scope together, Saki and I had a lovely day in a traditional English pub in London over drinks and some good pub grub, during which time I gave Saki a copy of my Guide to 5 Amazing Adventures in The Real Japan. (That’s the one you get a free copy of when you subscribe!) :-)

What I didn’t expect was that from her home in Japan Saki would do a live Periscope broadcast in which she waxed lyrical about the Guide!

It’s a joy to watch as Saki is such a wonderful Periscoper.

Just CLICK on the Twitter post below to start watching the video:


Click on this link to watch the broadcast in full screen:

You can follow Saki on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and, of course, Periscope. I recommend you do!

Saki’s inspiring and thoughtful blog can be found here:

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