How to Think Differently About Travel (and Why)



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A Guest Post by Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise. Change is the only constant. Travel bans? Temporary.

Do you plan to travel to Japan? Oodles of valued travel resources dot the web. Look around. Plan now. Do your homework. Travel when you can. Enjoy yourself. Life is short. 

Change is the only constant. 

Nothing stays the same. 

Think differently about travel Ryan Biddulph The Real Japan Rob Dyer

How (and Why) to Think Differently About Travel
by Ryan Biddulph

Change Is The Only Constant

Based on this core truth of life, any temporary travel lapse is... temporary. Life is temporary.

Travel bans? Temporary.

Any news cycle influencing travel bans is... once again... temporary, transient, and highly subject to change. Knowing this, I plan to travel in the now because when folks begin traveling again I simply hit the ground running, taking my next trip.

Think differently about travel Ryan Biddulph The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Young kimono wearers in Kyoto

My wife and I vibe with the Pacific Northwest in both the US and Canada as our next trip. Anywhere from Northern California to British Columbia works quite nicely for us. House sits seem scarce now. But we receive email alerts. 

Change being constant, when house sits for that region begin popping up, we will gobble ‘em up. Or we will rent an Airbnb. Or we may stay in a hotel. Matters not. The key is to plan for trips now to seize the moment. 

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Thinking Differently

Most human beings live in an illusion.

People wait to do things based on conditions, circumstances and situations. For example, if a global travel ban exists, most people do not ponder, plan, coordinate and travel, until global travel bans dissolve. 

But if you think differently and plan to travel well before the ban gets lifted, you fly out the first or second day of the ban dissolving.

Think differently about travel Ryan Biddulph The Real Japan Rob Dyer

The majestic Mt. Fuji peeks through the clouds

Most people won’t travel for weeks or even months after bans disappear because most people live outside-in; wait for circumstances to pass before making decisions and moving into action. Few thinkers decide and act before circumstances and situations change. 

Pay strict attention to these thinkers. Note travellers with vision.

Observe travellers who live in the moment. Being present influences you to do all legwork necessary in order to travel the moment global travel begins, again.

Plan Now for Later Travels

Never allow manipulative news cycles to paralyze you into sustained inaction.

I never follow the news because all news-worthy, life-changing events occur within. My thoughts and feelings colour my experience. Headlines do not. I take action daily to lay out where I wish to travel in the future. I also ponder lodging. 

Think differently about travel Ryan Biddulph The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Himeji Castle - often cited as Japan’s finest castle

Plan now for later travels. Prepare yourself.

Worry not about lags because plans and actual travels will meet, in good time. Time is not the enemy. Fear is the enemy. Travellers fear not being able to travel but facing, feeling and releasing said fear makes you present, grateful and focused on enjoying your homeland while planning for future trips.

Oodles of valued travel resources dot the web. Do you plan to travel to Japan? Rob provides you with a rich source of due diligence here

Look around. Plan now. Do your homework. Travel when you can..

Fly and Stay When Change Comes

Sitting on the sidelines when change invites you to get in the game feels like dying to me. Life is for people who choose to live, to lead and to be the first to do worthwhile, fun, freeing, inspiring things.

Travel immediately when you get the OK to travel. Do not wait or hesitate. 

Most people vibe fear. Most folks think traveling is a bit risky or even dangerous after bans. I believe it’s risky or dangerous to let fear rule your mind. Feel fear, release this fuel for risk and danger, and proceed to travel after getting the OK to travel.

Think differently about travel Ryan Biddulph The Real Japan Rob Dyer

The vermilion torii gates of Izushi Castle, Hyogo Prefecture

Flight tickets and lodging secured during your planning phase, now you fly to and travel through your next desired locations. Hit the travel ground running. Never wait. Seize the moment. Get back into the travel groove.

Reflect on Past Travels with Gratitude (and For Due Diligence)

I spend most time working as a professional blogger during travel bans, but my spare time seems filled with images and videos from my prior nine years of circling the globe. Revisit past travels to feel grateful for your journeys. 

Feel grateful to feel good during travel bans. Feel hope. See possibility. Know life is change.

VIDEO: Welcome To The Real Japan

Simply gazing at a few of your travel photos and watching a few of your videos reminds you; we will all be travelling again in no time. Plus you feel appreciation for living a neat life of globe trotting.

Plan Future Travels Based on Past Experience

Reflecting on past travels yields due diligence for future travels. My wife and I adored our three months in New Zealand during 2018. From its pristine nature, to warm locals, to Western creature comforts, we loved spending time with Kiwis.

Think differently about travel Ryan Biddulph The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Author Ryan Biddulph in New Zealand

Pondering future travels, I want a similar experience but closer to home. Enter British Columbia. Equally staggering natural beauty, kind and genuine locals plus Western amenities make for a keen match.

Do your due diligence for future travels by revisiting past trips. Spot patterns. Recall what vibed with you and what did not resonate with you. Plan future travels based on past experience.

banner mountain cabin The Rea Japan

Focus on Gain Not Loss

Most humans focus on the loss of travel during bans. I focus on the gain on increased planning, more due diligence, gratitude for past trips and a certain level of excitement for when the travel gates open again. 

Humanity is wonderful but largely flawed and prone to falling prey to the illusions of fear and loss, making most humans easily manipulated, living in a predominant state of loss and restriction.  

Think differently about travel Ryan Biddulph The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Taikodani Inari Shrine, Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture

Being a devout meditator, experienced yin yogi and budding Kriya yogi, I largely see through the illusion of news cycles to feel whole, complete and like all good things are increasing in my life, no matter what the outside world suggests.

Hit The Ground Running When the Travel Gates Open Again

Develop your mental muscles. Meditate. Do yoga. Make inner world advancement #1 in your life to see gain, not loss, during temporary periods of travel bans. I feel as grateful for circling the globe as ever and not because I am grounded (quarantined) in New Jersey. Home is good. 

banner boat The Real Japan

I found great stability here in the States blogging-wise, business-wise and life-wise. I also feel grateful by reflecting on my travel experiences over nine years of my life. Feeling good, grateful and grounded (spiritually), I will vibe high and hit the ground running when the travel gates open again.

I suggest you do the same.

Ryan Biddulph Bloggin From Paradise The Real Japan Rob Dyer

About the Author

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog, courses and 100 plus eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.

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  • You’re right – the Covid pandemic has certainly put a damper on peoples’ travel plans and many of us are just waiting for the bans to be lifted – to be told it’s going to be all right. Since change is the only constant in life, and travel is the true solace for the wanderer’s soul, I think it’s time for me to pack my bags and plan my destination. Life doesn’t wait for anyone, and neither does time. Both are in short supply these days.

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective Himanshu. I completely agree with you when you say life waits for noone, nor time. I think every day is a good day to make plans!

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