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The Latest TRJ Affiliate Program Updates

New Audiobook

I'm excited to share with you new a new product and 3 new service + product bundles on which you can earn up to 50% commission.

First up, I've created a brand new audiobook of my bestselling eBook How To Travel In Japan Without Speaking Japanese. And it's read by yours truly. No anonymous voiceover artists here! The audiobook comes in MP3 format, along with an 8-page printable PDF travel planner.

Japan Without Japanese Audiobook The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Download The Audiobook HERE
(MP3 File)

(I also have standalone audio files of all the individual chapters
if you rather not download or listen to the entire book - just ask and I'll send you what you need)

Download The Planner HERE
(PDF File)

Audiobook Sales PAGE

(Actually, I really enjoyed the process of creating my first audiobook. I'll be doing more in the future.)

New Call + eBook Packages

I've also created 3 new Service + Product Bundles:

  • Travel Planning Call + How To Travel In Japan Without Speaking Japanese eBook
  • Travel Planning Call + Planning A Trip To Japan eBook
  • Travel Planning Call + BOTH eBooks
Call + Book Bundles crop - The Real Japan Rob Dyer

The new Call + eBook bundles in The Real Japan Travel Store

Call + eBook Bundles on The Real Japan Travel STORE

The Call + eBook bundles were a natural response to where the travel market is at right now.

With the independent travel ban still in place, it's not surprising that Travel Planning Calls have been my best selling service so far this year. Many of my subscribers have flights booked for the end of this year and throughout 2023.

Call service clients often picked up one or both of my books in advance of booking their calls. So I figured I'd offer maximum value to anyone looking to book a call by pre-bundling my eBooks with a call and offering a 50% discount on the regular price of the eBooks included.

3 + 5-Call Packages

A few months ago, I also introduced more flexible, pricing options to my Travel Planning Calls, by offering 3 and 5 call packages in addition to single calls

Single calls are currently priced at £69, with the 3 calls priced at £186 (a 10% saving on each call) and the 5-call package priced at £276 (a 20% saving on each call or effectively getting the 5th call free). 

Travel Planning Call packages - The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Call Packages (Travel Planning Calls Sales PAGE)

Your Commission

Commission on digital only products is at the maximum 50%. Commission on packages that include services is 20%, simply recognising that I need to retain some margin when I'm selling my time.


Retail Price

Commission %

Earnings per sale





Call + How To Travel eBook




Call + Planning A Trip eBook




Call + BOTH eBooks




Travel Planning Call x 3




Travel Planning Call x 5




I've added all of these to your TRJ Affiliate account so you can begin promoting them as soon as you wish.

The Real Japan Travel Store has been updated to include both my new audiobook and the Call + eBook bundles.

Affiliate Program Refresher

The Real Japan Affiliate Program is run via ThriveCart. You signed up and have an account with them. Payouts are via PayPal , so be sure that you have your current PayPal account connected to receive your commissions.

You can access your affiliate dashboard by visiting and then logging in using your email address and password.

Don't worry if you can't remember how it all works. Here's a quick reminder...

You can find details on how our affiliate program works including:

  • Your affiliate dashboard
  • Where you can get your links
  • What are your commissions and when are you paid
  • Connecting your PayPal account (for commission pay-outs)
  • and more…


There you'll find the various landing/sales pages for the TRJ products and services you can use in conjunction with your affiliate links.

Feel free to cut and paste from these to use in conjunction with your affiliate links.

Promotion Ideas

I'm running a substantial marketing and promotion campaign myself, so as a partner affiliated to The Real Japan you may see a benefit from that activity.

Some things you can do to help spread the word and get sales:

  • Write a review of the audiobook on your website/blog/podcast/social media/publication
  • Provide me with a quote/testimonial about how you found the book helpful/valuable/useful etc to use in my marketing.
  • Interview me for your channel/publication/website/blog/podcast - eg. record a Skype call (send me the file and I'll use it to create multiple mini-promotions of my own)
  • Feature my audiobook in your subscriber email newsletter with a link to the sale page. (I can provide you with template copy to assist with this.)
  • Use audio extracts from the book in your promotion - I have copies of every chapter of the book as individual audio files.
  • Let’s do a joint webinar together!
  • Write a blog post about the audiobook.
  • Write a blog post about the themes of the audiobook and mention the audiobook in your post.
  • Write a Top 5 Tips post based ideas in the audiobook.
  • Post about the audiobook on any/all your SM channels.
  • I can write a guest post for your website - not a promotional piece for the audiobook itself, more an article around the themes touched on in the book.
  • Do a simple Q+A with me by email.
  • Offer a copy of my audiobook as a prize in a giveaway or contest. Contact me to discuss!
  • Offer my audiobook as a bonus bundled with a product you are selling that is more expensive. You then pay me a commission for every sale that includes my audiobook. Contact me to discuss!
  • I’m open to any other great ideas or JV opportunities you can come up with!

REMEMBER! include a link to the audiobook sales page in all your promotion: using your UNIQUE affiliate links to ensure you earn your commission.


If you have any questions, shoot me an email at: and I'll get straight back to you.

I'd be glad to jump on a call either to refresh you on how the affiliate program works, or to chat about any promotional ideas you might have.

Speak soon. And thanks again for your support.

Let's get earning!


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