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Living in Japan is a dream held by many. 

Escaping the rat race and starting a new life in an incredible country like Japan is easier now than it has ever been. 

In this interview with J-Vlogger JaDan, I share some of my personal insights on escaping, living in Japan and tips on travelling in Japan... 

From my first visits to this amazing country, to my lifestyle choice of splitting my time between Japan and the UK, through to my travel plans for this year...

VIDEO: The Real Japan - Life In Japan


JaDan - Dan In Japan

Dan's YouTube channel - JaDan - Dan In Japan - chronicles his everyday life in Japan.

Aside from the peek into what he gets up to, via his 'day in the life' style videos, he offers tips for those looking to live in Japan, videos about Japanese language, travel VLOGs and his love of (mainly J-punk) music.

I recommend subscribing - I do!

Warning! Language wise, not all of Dan's content is safe for work or young ones.

Dan and I first met in November last year and we instantly hit it off. Which I guess was no surprise, since I was already a fan of his entertaining channel. So I'm delighted to now feature on it.

Rob Dyer Kanazawa castle The Real Japan

Visiting Kanazawa Castle

Insights On Living In Japan

Here's a few of the insights on living in Japan you'll get from watching the interview:

  • When I first came to Japan
  • Why it was 10 years before I returned to Tokyo after my first time there
  • My lifestyle choice of splitting my time between Japan and the UK
  • Getting worse at speaking Japanese!
  • Travelling in Japan without speaking Japanese
  • Some of my most memorable travel experiences in Japan
  • My guide to 5 Amazing Adventures in The Real Japan
  • Dan's 'Lightning Round'!
  • My travel plans for this year

Plus there's also a look at Akashi Park and Castle - next to where we filmed the interview.

I hope you enjoy getting to know me better and some of my motivations for living in Japan. Perhaps hearing about my travelling throughout this wonderful land will inspire you to try your own adventures.

Are You Thinking About Living In Japan?

Or do you have plans to? If so, tell me about it - leave a comment below.

Catch the full interview on JaDan's YouTube channel HERE.

Watch my interview with Dan about his random decision to move from the UK to Japan HERE.

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  • Peter Drysdale says:

    Just some advice that can make life a bit easier if you know anyone looking at moving to Japan for any length of time.
    If they have a middle name (or like me more than one) look into changing their passport and any ID you can to just first and last name where possible.

    Otherwise it makes filling forms, banking, doing administration a nightmare and can lead to denial of services or just high levels of frustration.

    Add in length of “your name here” boxes (sometimes not enough room for the name that matches what’s on file elsewhere), inconsistent katakana translations and then accomplishing somethings becomes nearly impossible.

    Just a lesson learned advice and my thoughts.


    • Thanks for sharing Peter – that’s good advice. 👍

      I do have a number of followers who are in the process of, or are planning to, relocate to Japan, so this will be helpful information for them.

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