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Hiroshima coffee shops: Beyond the serene Peace Park and sobering A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima has blossomed into a vibrant, forward-looking city with charming secrets, including cosy coffee houses in love with quality roasts and laid-back atmospheres.

When you need a peaceful, rejuvenating sightseeing break, these 5 java gems offer the perfect aromatic escape - to sit back and savour a perfect cup.

Best Hiroshima Coffee Shops Rob Dyer The Real Japan

5 Best Hiroshima Coffee Shops For Java Lovers

by Rob Dyer

Hiroshima coffee shops - hidden gems for java lovers

With relaxed vibes, speciality beans, and warm decor, you'll find the intimate ambiance in Hiroshima's coffee shops as rich as a smooth pour over. From quaint holes-in-the-walls with sweets, to craft shops brewing sweet coffee scent, this guide features locations and contact info to help you plan how you'll soak up Hiroshima's hidden cafe culture.

All five of the shops featured in this post also appear (along with five more) in my Hiroshima City Guide Google Map, which contains everything you need (from accommodation, through coffee shops, to atomic bomb sights) to plan and book a stay in this historic city.

Here's my 5 shop shortlist, in alphabetical order...

1. Akam Coffee Works

Akam Coffee Works best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

Akam Coffee Works |  Photo: Get

Akam Coffee Works is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. This artisanal coffee shop boasts a cosy ambiance and a commitment to quality, serving meticulously crafted brews sourced from premium beans.

With a focus on flavour and a passion for the art of coffee-making, Akam Coffee Works provides a delightful retreat for both locals and visitors seeking a genuine and aromatic experience in Hiroshima's vibrant coffee culture.

The cafe sells coffee beans that are roasted in-house in Hiroshima. They also offer menus centred on espresso and drip coffee in the store.

Akam Coffee Works - Contact Info

Akam Coffee Works best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

Akam Coffee Works |  Photo: Get

Address: Japan, 〒730-0042 Hiroshima, Naka Ward, Kokutaijimachi, 1-chōme−9−7 1F

Tel: +81 82-258-5547


Google Rating: 4.7 /5

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Hiroshima Google Map banner The Real Japan

2. Hachidori-sha Social Book Cafe

Hachidorisha Social Book Cafe best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

Hachidori-sha Social Book Cafe  |  Photo: Get

Hachidori-sha Social Book Cafe in Hiroshima offers a unique blend of literature and coffee. Situated near the city centre, it provides a quiet space for reading or remote work, surrounded by an extensive collection of books. Visitors can enjoy a variety of beverages and light snacks while immersing themselves in a literary atmosphere.

With comfortable seating and a laid-back vibe, it's an ideal spot for bibliophiles and those seeking a peaceful break during their Hiroshima travels. Please note the opening hours and availability of English-language materials for international visitors.

The origin of the name Hummingbird House, comes from the book "Hummingbird" by Shinichi Tsuji.

Hachidorisha Social Book Cafe - Contact Info

Hachidorisha Social Book Cafe best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

Hachidori-sha Social Book Cafe  |  Photo: Get

Address: Japan, 〒730-0854 Hiroshima, Naka Ward, Dohashichō, 2−43 光花ビル 2F

Tel: +81 82-576-4368


Google Rating: 4.4 /5

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3. Obscura Coffee Roasters Hondori

Obscura Coffee Roasters best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

Obscura Coffee Roasters Hondori  |  Photo: Get

Opened in 2009, Obscura has four shops and distillery in the area around Sanchaya. Obscura is passionate about coffee and uplifting people. They visit coffee producing countries every year and buy ginger.

Providing a refined atmosphere and a commitment to quality roasts, it's an excellent choice for a serene coffee experience. It's conveniently located near Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and easily accessible by public transport, including the nearby Hondori Tram Station.

With a focus on craftsmanship and a central location, Obscura Coffee Roasters Hondori provides a welcoming space for visitors seeking a genuine coffee break during their Hiroshima visit.

Obscura Coffee Roasters Hondori - Contact Info

Obscura Coffee Roasters best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

Obscura Coffee Roasters Hondori  |  Photo: Get

Address: Japan, 〒730-0035 Hiroshima, Naka Ward, Hondōri, 3−1 キャラ・ウェーブ

Tel: +81 82-258-4110

Website: (Google translated)

Google Rating: 4.7 /5

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4. Progress Life Style Coffee (プログレス ライフスタイルコーヒー)

Progress Life Style best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

Progress Life Style Coffee  |  Photo: Get

Progress Life Style Coffee is a trendy coffee shop located a 5-minute walk from the Hiroshima Station. It offers specialty pour-over coffee and tea beverages in a hip, modern setting. Menu highlights include Okinawan brown sugar lattes and matcha cheesecakes.

Progress Life Style Coffee provides free WiFi access and also serves as a casual co-working spot, making it popular with digital nomads and remote workers. With its convenient transport links and relaxed vibe, this cafe is an ideal place to refuel when sightseeing around the Peace Memorial Park area.

VIDEO: Bite-sized at Progress Life Style Coffee

The owners focus on purchasing high-quality beans with excellent traceability and information transparency from excellent producers.

Progress Life Style Coffee - Contact Info

Progress Life Style best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

Progress Life Style Coffee  |  Photo: Get

Address: 1-15 Shintenchi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0034, Japan

Tel: +81 82-244-0170

Website: (Google translated)

Google Rating: 4.3 /5

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5. rit. Craft Chocolate & Coffee

rit. Craft Chocolate Coffee best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

rit. Craft Chocolate & Coffee  |  Photo: Get

A small craft chocolate factory by the sea in Ebaoki-cho, They purchase high-quality cacao beans from all over the world, and produce bitter chocolate every day.

Located in Hiroshima's Naka Ward, a short walk from Ebayama Park, rit. craft chocolate and coffee offers high-quality artisanal chocolates, pastries, and coffee in a cosy, welcoming setting. With just a few tables, rit. has an intimate vibe and focuses on takeaway treats perfect for strolling around the nearby park and monuments.

Menu standouts feature chocolate flavours such as yuzu and Japanese cherry blossom matched with single-origin coffees. Travellers looking for a refined, chocolate-centric cafe near top Hiroshima sites will appreciate what rit. brings to the table.

They also offer cafe mocha and cafe latte brewed with Slayer Espresso, bonbon chocolate and craft soft serve ice cream using homemade craft chocolate, cacao nib ice cream and baked sweets.

rit. Craft Chocolate & Coffee - Contact Info

rit. Craft Chocolate Coffee best Hiroshima coffee shops The Real Japan

rit. Craft Chocolate & Coffee  |  Photo: Get

Address: 3-5 Ebaokimachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0837, Japan

Tel: +81 82-557-4413


Google Rating: 4.2 /5

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Top Hiroshima food and drink tours

If your taste for Japanese food and drink extends beyond just coffee (who's doesn't?!), you could always build in a couple of guided experiences to get you closer to Hiroshima's foodie culture.  

Experts in getting your connected with your destination, GetYourGuide has four in particular you might be interested in checking out. On the Best of Hiroshima Food Tour you can enjoy a 3-hour tour of downtown Hiroshima’s food scene, trying local specialties at four food stops - including dessert.

morning tea ceremony tour Hiroshima

Maybe book this morning hiking tour with open-air tea ceremony during your visit to Hiroshima

Or dive straight in with the All-Inclusive Food and Culture Immersion Tour and dine at three different local tachinomiya (standing bar) style restaurants. Fancy a taste of Hiroshima's nightlife? Then take a look at the Bar Hopping Food Tour and explore local Hiroshima drinking spots around Nagarekawa and try some amazing local foods such as Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. This one will give you a real sense of the culture, food and people of the city.

Last, but not least, if something a bit more serene is more your scene and you like hiking, then the Morning Hiking Tour with Open-air Tea Ceremony could be perfect for you. Feel the early morning air of Futaba Mountain on this hiking trip with an optional lunch. Experience an outdoor tea ceremony and relax with some forest bathing atop the mountain with views over Hiroshima.

Where to stay in Hiroshima

I asked local resident and guide JJ Walsh for her suggestions as to where to stay in Hiroshima. Here's her recommendations:

"I’d recommend any of the hotels downtown along Peace Boulevard for great views and a convenient location for walking to shops and sightseeing. The KNOT is a popular hotel in a good location, also the Mitsui Garden and Dormy Inn as well as the new Hilton hotel gets good reviews.

Smaller hotels like the KIRO are also in a good area. Near the castle, a popular hotel is the Rihga Royal which overlooks the Hiroshima Castle grounds. If you want to stay near the station, the Sheraton Grand Hiroshima or Granvia Hiroshima are popular hotels with good views of the mountains."

Hiroshima City Guide Google Map

If you love the idea of visiting this historic city and taking in a few of its charming coffee shops along the way, but are not so keen on all the research that goes into planning an unforgettable trip, then my personally curated and interactive Hiroshima City Guide Google Map could be just what you need.

Inside this unique map you'll find all my Hiroshima tips, local recommendations (including 10 Hiroshima coffee shops 😉) and other unpublished spots.

All with instant access in your Google Maps. What's more, it includes unlimited free lifetime updates.

LEARN MORE: Hiroshima City Guide Google Map

Conclusion - welcoming pit stops between sightseeing

Hopefully this curated list helps you discover Hiroshima's charming and cosy cafe culture beyond the standard sightseeing circuit. 

Whenever you need a peaceful, welcoming pit stop between immersive moments of Hiroshima history and innovation - look back here. With exact locations listed above, you have everything necessary to sip your way to aromatic bliss at these five beloved coffee houses adored by residents for their craft, intimacy, and taste of place.

I'd love to hear back after your visits! Please leave a comment below sharing your experiences or ask any questions you still have about Hiroshima's vibrant coffee houses. What was your favourite cafe ambiance? Did you try pairing desserts with expertly roasted specialty beans? Help future travellers continue discovering authentic local flavours by adding your own perspectives.

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Best Hiroshima Coffee Shops Rob Dyer The Real Japan

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