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Seike Yuba Kyoto The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Seike Yuba (Tofu Skin) Restaurant, Kyoto

​​You know soybeans. You’ve even cultivated a taste for tofu. Well, now there’s another high nutritional variant for you to discover: yuba. Aka tofu skin. ​​I recently tried yuba for the first time…

samurai sword experience Kyoto Samurai Juku The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Guide: Samurai Juku, Kyoto

​​Download ​my 2-page printable guide to the full Samurai Juku hands-on samurai sword experience​​.​Details my ​​3-step guide to what to expect and how to feel the spirit of the samurai in…

Kyoto Traveler's Inn Hideki Kimura The Real Japan Rob Dyer

The Kyoto Hotel That’s Also An Art Gallery

​Located in the authentic and traditional district of Higashiyama, and featuring artwork by mural artist Hideki Kimura, Kyoto Traveler’s Inn offers affordable accommodation in both Japanese and Western style rooms….

Fujimiya ryokan Kinosaki The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Review: Fujimiya Ryokan, Kinosaki Onsen

In the bustling onsen town of Kinosaki, the centrally-located ​but tucked away family-run Fujimiya ryokan ​offers just the right balance of ​traditional features and modern convenience.  ​It’s a fine example…

Kinosaki Onsen The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Hot Spring Hopping in Kinosaki Onsen

​Kinosaki Onsen is a 1300-year-old onsen (hot spring) ​village famous for its seven different public ​baths and charming atmosphere.  Onsen towns like Kinosaki encapsulate all that is attractive, enticing and rewarding…

ANA Experience Japan Fare The Real Japan

ANA Experience Japan Fare

​As part of their domestic flight service, ANA’s Experience Japan Fare is a great, cost-effective way to explore Japan by air. ​​​​All Nippon Airways, usually abbreviated to ANA, is the largest…