Japan Travel Planning:

Outside Tokyo & Kyoto
A true story.

"My main issue was when it came to building an itinerary 
it would be all over the place."

Dave Patience The Real Japan testimonial

Dave Patience
Travel Planning Call client

As a subscriber to The Real Japan, Dave had visited Japan three times before he decided to book a Travel Planning Call with me.

I asked Dave for some feedback that I could use as a testimonial, expecting a couple of sentences but instead he sent me this compelling story of how he came to using my services and what he got out of the experience.

I wanted to share it with you (Dave said it was OK), as I thought not only might you find it interesting but it might help you decide if my Travel Planning Calls (or my other services) are a good fit for you too.

Here's Dave's story...

Rob Dyer The Real Japan

Rob Dyer
Founder, The Real Japan

 I was looking to explore outside Tokyo and Kyoto

"Having visited Japan three times previously I was looking to explore more outside of the hot spots of Tokyo and Kyoto, and to get into more rural areas.

My main issue was that there are just too many places of interest to visit, and so whilst conducting my own research I would inevitably fall down a rabbit hole and spend hours looking and making notes of various places, but then when it came to building an itinerary it would be all over the place."

Nanten-en ryokan Amami Osaka The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Being more immersed in Japanese culture

Camellia Japanese Tea Ceremony Kyoto The Real Japan Rob Dyer

"From the information I had provided Rob, he provided an itinerary which was discussed on the call, answering any questions and probing me for my thoughts and feedback, which I feel really helped me understand the itinerary deeper.

Rather than just highlighting visiting certain places or areas, Rob explains why the places he has chosen will benefit me on the trip in terms of sightseeing, food and being more immersed in Japanese culture."

Ideas and places that bring out the best of the season

"The whole call is recorded and then sent to you afterwards along with a followup email with the itinerary discussed, questions that you have asked during the call, along with links to resources to help you visualise and discover more about the places/areas set to visit.

Rob provided a host of activities, ideas and places that would bring out the best of the season so this is something that I am going to look at for another trip in the future."

Atsuta Jingu Miya Kishimen Nagoya The Real Japan - Elisabeth Llopis

A commitment, dedication, and passion for Japan

Kinosaki Onsen The Real Japan Rob Dyer

"Rob did more work than I was expecting to be honest and that just shows not only his commitment and dedication to providing a quality service, but also his passion for Japan, which is something I think we can all agree on! 

Highly recommended!"

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