Senkoji Ropeway Cable Car, Onomichi City

Senkoji ropeway

Senkoji ropeway from the mountain summit

Senkoji Ropeway Cable Car, Onomichi City

Onomichi City is in Hiroshima Prefecture, on the main island of Honshu, facing the Inland Sea.

It’s a gateway to a series of small islands sitting in the Inland Sea of Japan. The city features in the seminal 1953 Yasujirō Ozu film Tokyo Story.

Onomichi’s many temples attract spiritual tourists from across Japan, but you rarely see foreigners here. The well-informed ones often visit Mt. Senkoji via the Senkoji cable car.

The ropeway connects Sanroku Station and Senkojisancho Station of Onomichi Station. It’s popular during cherry blossom season, but at other times of the year there are far fewer tourists to share the experience with.

The journey from the bottom to the summit takes around 3 minutes. En-route and from the top, the views over the Seto Inland Sea are extensive and impressive.



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