The Real Japan Pioneers Facebook Group Rules

Hello Fellow TRJ Pioneer

To keep things running smoothly in The Real Japan private Facebook Group, we do have a few house rules that Group members must agree to. If you don’t abide by the rules, then you may be removed from the group without warning. Which you clearly do not want!

Please note that these rules change over time, so it's good to check in here once in a while.

Last updated: 9 August 2023

Purpose of the group (important!)

The main purpose of the group is to provide a private discussion forum for members to ask and answer questions relating to travelling and living in Japan.

I believe its value comes from that focus.

So as not to stray too far off this focus members should refrain from posting random or general information about Japan. Members should also refrain from sharing posts from other Japan Facebook Groups. There are hundreds of other public groups covering all aspects of travel in Japan and Japanese culture and members can join those if that's what they're after.

The Real Japan Facebook Group is private for a reason. It should not become a 'dumping ground' for links to external sites or content unless there is an obvious reason for including it (such as in response to a question a member has asked).

1. Stay on Topic

The group exists so that TRJ Pioneers can help each other with travelling and exploring Japan. It isn't for posting random goofy stuff - there's other places for that. For the Group to be useful posts should stay on-topic.

2. No promotions

This means that you may not:

  • Post links to other Facebook Groups or websites about travelling in Japan
  • Post links to your blog, website or social media
  • Post links to your Facebook group
  • Post links to any livestream
  • Post links to your product/service
  • Create a thread to advertise your new blog post or offering
  • Create a thread asking for members to submit guest posts, interviews, stories, etc to your site
  • Post affiliate links
  • Create a new post with a link to your new blog or website
  • Use hashtags that promote any of the above

3. No bullying or gossip

This is not the place to gossip about people. And it definitely isn't a forum for any kind of bullying. Anyone doing either will be removed.

4. No posting of affiliate links

Don't use the group as a place for sharing your affiliate links to any products, services or anything else.

5. No “link sharing” threads

A “link sharing” thread is when you create a new thread and ask people to share a link to their Pinterest profile, Instagram, etc. Admins may create these threads for your benefit from time to time, so there is no need to create your own. Having an excessive amount of “link sharing” threads makes the group spammy and less useful.

6. No pornographic material or spam - 'nuff said 😉

Anything posted that does not comply with these rules will be deleted.

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