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Japan by Rail: Your Gateway to Scenic Adventures and Local Culture

exploring Japan by train Enoden 300系 Goryo Shrine

Exploring Japan by train Enoden 300系 Goryo Shrine

In his guest post Exploring Japan by Train – A Beginner's Guide, Stephen Turner offers insights into Japan's extensive rail network, covering 27,400km across the country. The guide emphasizes that train travel extends far beyond major cities and bullet trains, providing access to scenic rural areas and coastal routes.

It highlights the reliability and practicality of Japanese trains, noting their punctuality and high level of customer service. The guide introduces various types of rail experiences, including local lines, limited express trains, and dedicated tourist trains.

Key features discussed include scenic routes, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and tips for planning train journeys. The guide also mentions useful apps for navigation and suggests resources for further assistance in planning rail-based explorations of Japan.

Stephen Turner has lived in Japan for more than 30 years and is the founder of TS Japan Rail, a travel advisor and planner specializing in rail travel in Japan for both tourists and rail fans.

Japan Travel and Culture (Podcast Appearance)

Rob Dyer shinto wedding Ikuta Shrine Kobe The Real Japan

Rob Dyer shinto wedding Ikuta Shrine Kobe The Real Japan

This blog post introduces a podcast called Coloring My Way Across The Globe, hosted by Lauren Battistini, a world traveler and colour expert. 

The podcast features stories about vibrant people, places, and experiences from Lauren's global adventures.

I was the guest in this particular episode, where we discussed:

  • Travel and culture in Japan
  • The concept of life in Japan being structured in concentric circles
  • My personal story of meeting and marrying my Japanese wife
  • Encounters with notable figures, including Princess Diana and the Sultan of Brunei

The post is an edited and condensed transcript of the interview. But if you're interested in the full conversation, you can listen to the original podcast episode, available through an embedded player within the post.

Struggling With Your Travel Planning?

not speaking Japanese Mt Daisen Tottori Rob Dyer The Real Japan

Are you ever overwhelmed by the amount of time you spend researching your Japan trip?

Do you find the more you research, the more questions crop up?

Would you like to hand all your questions over so I can answer them for you?

If you would, you might want to check out my new Japan Travel Planning Support service.

With Travel Planning Support, you get:

  • Unlimited emails with me about any aspect of your Japan trip planning
  • My personalised advice and suggestions based on 24 years of experience
  • Recommendations on destinations, logistics, accommodations and more
  • Helpful links, videos and other resources tailored to your plans
  • Freedom to ask questions as you think of them, not just in one scheduled call

In other words, you get a Japan travel expert on call to ensure your trip planning is stress-free, so your final itinerary is amazing.

The service comes in 3 different duration plans: 1 Week, 1 Month and 3 Months. The longer you book, the more you'll save.

Travel Planning Support is perfect for travellers who want the ultimate Japan travel experience without compromises.

With my personal guidance, you can say goodbye to options overwhelm, logistical headaches, and poor choices.

Due to the nature of the service, spots are very limited, so click the link below to sign up now...

The low launch pricing won't last forever. If demand for the service outstrips my availability then I will be increasing my prices. So, if you think this service can help you, I recommend choosing a plan and booking today.

Ryokan With Onsen Near Mt. Fuji

Speaking of my new Travel Planning Support service, a question one client had this week was:

"We've decided we'd like to travel from Tokyo to and stay overnight in a ryokan one night near Mt Fuji, seeing Mt Fuji that evening and in the morning. Can you recommend a ryokan ideally with a hot spring"?

Here was my answer:

"One of the top-rated ryokan and onsen in the area of Mt. Fuji is Gora Kadan in Hakone. It doesn't offer direct views of Mt. Fuji though - if that's what you were after.

Among the best with direct views of Mt. Fuji are: Fugaku Gunji in Izu, Hotel Asafuji in Yamanashi, and If you'd like something more hotel style then Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso in Yamanashi is one of the finest options available."

Using this information they booked two of my suggestions for a night in each.

Next up: helping them find suitable accommodation in Hiroshima.

Have your own questions you'd like me to answer?

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