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Tifanee Baker who runs the travel blog Travel For Stamps has just published an interview with me on her blog.

Global Travel Adventures

It's about my global travel adventures not just limited to Japan - although, of course, Japan does feature highly.

Tifanee is a licensed attorney from Texas. She also happens to be in love with travelling the world, including her own playground, the USA.

Between ziplining in the rainforests of Puerto Rico, and learning to scuba dive in Malta, Tifanee also runs the blog Travel For Stamps. Here she shares her passion for global experiences.

Montenegro The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Perast, Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Interviews With Travel Bloggers

"My goal is to show others that experiences matter more in life because memories last longer. Experiences can be gained through travel far and wide, and close to home. You can travel and travel often without breaking the bank." she says.

Which chimes a lot with my outlook on travelling too. So when Tifanee invited me to be interviewed as part of her Wednesday Wanderer series of interviews with other travel bloggers, I jumped at the chance.

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Takahashi The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, Takahashi

You can read the full interview on the Travel For Stamps website HERE.

Smuggling In Syria

Reflecting the global scope of Tifanee's blog, the interview goes beyond my Japanese adventures, taking in my first proper overseas holiday, in Greece, where I first caught a taste for travel.

It also takes in my unforgettable experiences of smuggling in Syria (!) in 2009, alongside a week spent navigating from one end of Jordan to the other.

Sunrise in the Wadi Rum Jordan Rob Dyer The Real Japan

Watching the sunrise in the Wadi Rum, Jordan

Sunrise in The Wadi Rum Desert

It was here that I experienced one of my most indelible travel memories to this day. Staying in a Bedouin camp in the Wadi Rum desert, getting up at 5am, climbing to the top of a rocky outcrop - to watch the sunrise.

To read about this and many other adventures, including those in my beloved Japan (of course!), head over to Tifanee's blog and read the full interview.

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed answering the questions.

I'd love to hear where you have been in the world that still holds a special place in your memories - please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Read my Travel For Stamps interview in full HERE.

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Interview With Travel For Stamps Rob Dyer The Real Japan

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