Limousine Bus to Kobe Minato Onsen, Luxury Ryokan REN

Limousine Bus to Kobe Minato Onsen, Luxury Ryokan REN


Sit back. Relax. Let’s ride to the spa.

Kobe Minato Onsen is a luxury contemporary ryokan and natural hot spring, just five minutes from the heart of Kobe city centre.

Located in a prime location, overlooking Kobe’s famous Harbourland, the hotel offers extensive, spa, health, dining, pool, sporting, yoga, personal training and relaxation facilities. Not only for guests but to those taking advantage of its Day Spa – which we indulged in.

Included within the price of your Day Spa is free use of the limousine shuttle bus.

The bus picks up just across from the central Sannomiya Station (both JR and Hanshin) and is a short ride through Kobe down towards the harbour. Then into the private grounds of Kobe Minato Onsen, with its striking architecture, and landscaped driveway and exterior Japanese gardens.

On arrival, hotel concierge welcome you into the luxurious surroundings of one of the most impressive hotels in Kobe.

This bus journey from the bustling city centre, to the remarkable onsen, is the subject of our film.

Kobe Minato Onsen, Luxury Ryokan REN is well worth a visit and it comes thoroughly TRJ Recommended!

Watch the film below to find out some of what’s inside once you stop off the limousine bus…

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