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Japan Travel Planning Service The Real Japan

Jackson Houston

TRJ Subscriber

Insanely effective!

"Before using The Real Japan I spent hours upon hours scouring the web trying to decide what I wanted to do with my time in Japan. There were so many options that I was locked in a state of decision paralysis.

Rob helped me narrow down my goals and he put together a comprehensive guide to accomplish everything that I wanted to in Japan as well as providing advice and resources on how to go about my trip.

Without The Real Japan I am sure that my trip would've been a jumbled unfocused mess, but because of the insanely effective help of Rob, I am certain that this will be the best trip of my life

Let me guess... you've probably spent way more time researching travel in Japan than doing it?

Doesn't matter if you're planning your first trip or your tenth. This means a lot to you and you want to get it right. I get it. I really do. But...

My bet is you're probably spending WAY TOO MUCH time researching online - instead of actually getting on with exploring The Real Japan. 

Am I right?!

Sometimes all the information out there, even on, can be overwhelming. Before you know it, you're locked in indecision paralysis. Making little to no progress on what's supposed to be your next dream trip.

I’d like to help.

The Real Japan
Travel Planning Service

Japan Travel Questionnaire

I send you a Japan Travel Questionnaire which helps you define what you want from your trip.

Bespoke Travel Plan 

I send you your day-by-day Travel Plan and itinerary ideas with links to resources where you can make direct bookings.

30-Minute Call x 2

You and I hop on a 30-minute Skype or Zoom call where we chat through your travel needs in more depth.

Route Map

Includes a route map for your full itinerary, showing all your overnight stopping points.

Maximum trip duration 31 days (longer trips priced on request)

About Rob Dyer

//  Founder The Real Japan

A writer and publisher from England, Rob has been exploring Japan’s 6,800 islands since 2000.

He specialises in travelling off the beaten track, whether on remote atolls or in the hidden streets of major cities.

He’s the founder of

What our customers say:

Elliott Reid Founder Revitalize Clinic
elliott reid

Founder, Revitalize Clinic

Saved me the cost of his consultation within the first 10 minutes

"It was a priceless experience working with Rob.

Not only did he completely transform any itinerary or agenda that I would have had, he saved me the cost of his consultation within the first five to ten minutes of speaking to him.

He found me the best deals when it came to railways, travel, the best deals when it came to food, and the spas that they have in Japan."

Japan Travel Planning Service The Real Japan
Amanda Graves

TRJ Subscriber

I am so excited about our trip to Japan

"Thank you for helping us with our Japan Travel Plan.

The plan worked with us on gives me a lot of confidence in our two weeks of touring Japan on our own.

The plan is very detailed and easy to follow… pulling all the necessary elements together."

Andrew Rondeau testimonial TPS The Real Japan
Andrew Rondeau

TRJ Subscriber

Excellent stuff!

"I had spent hours and hours deciding what to do on my first trip. Just a few tweaks with Rob and I’m now even more excited than ever!

For me, the travel planning call was never about saving money… it was to get the best experiences and best use of my time while there.

Saying that, Rob has also saved me more than the cost of the call. Excellent stuff!”

Japan Travel Planning Service The Real Japan
Andy Sparkes

TRJ Subscriber

I’d highly recommend the service

"My first full day in Japan and I am loving it. Thanks to The Real Japan for the service to put together a sensible and varied itinerary based around my Rugby World Cup matches.

The purchase of JR pass ticket direct to my hotel, a Suica card and an ultra fast router has made arriving and negotiating my way around to be a part of the holiday experience and not a stress.

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