Yunomine Onsen: Boiling Eggs at Japan’s Oldest Hotspring



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Yunomine Onsen village, commonly referred to as Japan' s oldest spa, can be found nestled in the sacred mountains of Kumano in Wakayama Prefecture, Honshu. 

The village was built on a natural hotspring where the waters are naturally heated up to 90 degrees.

High quantities of sulpher in the water creates myriad colours on the rocks. The sulpher also adds to the water's medicinal properties.

Along the riverside, just below the Yunomine Onsen bus stop, is the Yuzutsu basin. This can be used by the public to cook foods.

Yunomine Onsen village
Yunomine Onsen village


Boiling eggs in the bubbling water is a tradition. Fresh eggs can be purchased from a souvenir shop across the bridge from the basin. Plunging the cooked eggs into the cold running stream cools the eggs down ready for eating!

Sansai mountain vegetables and many other foods can be cooked in the water.

Yunomine village also forms part of two of the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes.

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