Snorkelling in OkinawaSnorkelling in Okinawa

Welcome to The Real Japan, a resource for those who want to discover and explore Japan beyond the cliches.


Why I Started The Real Japan

I’m Rob Dyer. I write, publish and travel. (That’s me ^ snorkelling off the coast of Okinawa.)

I have been exploring Japan for almost twenty years, and yet I still feel like I have only seen the tip of the iceberg of this amazing country. Here you’ll find me sharing stories, information, tips, ideas and resources all about travelling across Japan – hopefully inspiring you to set off on your own Japanese adventures.

I started The Real Japan to share my passion for travelling in Japan. The hidden Japan. The Japan beyond the hype, beyond the clichés of neon-lit Tokyo skylines and white-faced geisha. The Real Japan.

How I Can Help

For many people, who love the idea of going to Japan there can appear to be many barriers, some so challenging that they simply put some people off making the trip.

What I want to do with The Real Japan is not only show you that there are ways to overcome the perceived barriers (be it the language , the cost, the distance, the potentially daunting whole ‘alien world’ experience), and then to guide you to get even more out of your travels in Japan than you imagined was possible.

The Real Japan

The Real Japan will tell you what you need to know, avoid the headaches, help save you time and money, and provide you with a place to ask questions and share experiences with me and other unconventional adventurers.

Our focus is on the idea of exploring Japan, not sticking to the package tourist routes. There’s nothing wrong (or inauthentic) about the neon-lit streets of Tokyo, or white-faced geisha walking around the colourful temples of Kyoto. But there is so much more to Japan that the narrow view we see in the popular media.

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