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I love books. You love books. Who doesn't love books?

Which is why I've opened The Real Japan Amazon store.

As much as I also love my tech, there's still nothing quite like a book to grab the attention - and the heart.

The Real Japan Amazon Store Rob Dyer

The Real Japan Amazon Store - Open for Business!

Whether it contains pure text, gorgeous photography, quality information, beautiful design, or entertainment, I never miss an opportunity to have a read - at home, on a plane, in a cafe, in a ryokan (I don't do beaches).

As my wife will attest, I'll also gladly spend many hours browsing books stores - whether on the high street or online.

To share a passion

So, to share that passion with you I've created a store.

To begin with, all the items available in The Real Japan Amazon store are books. Partly because I'm a massive fan of the printed page, and partly because you are too.

Visit: The Real Japan Amazon Store


The Real Japan Amazon Store Rob Dyer

Above: Secret Moments of Maikos by Phillippe Marinig, Monofuku by David Chang and Peter Meehan, Rough Guide to Japan

Book reviews​

​Many of you have read and liked my book reviews (including Japanese Inns and Hot Springs and Diary of A Tokyo Teen).

My article How To Choose The Best Japan Travel Guide Book is one of the most popular on this site. And many of you have bought a copy of my first book (thanks again by the way!).

Some of you had already purchased books through links on this website. So it seemed logical to make it easier for you to find books about Japan that you might be interested in.

How I choose what to include

The titles I have collected to launch with are either:

  • in my personal collection
  • read and recommended by me
  • reviewed on The Real Japan
  • are Amazon bestsellers in their category

Browse: The Real Japan Amazon Store

The Real Japan Amazon Store Rob Dyer


​Everything is classified

Whether you're browsing for inspiration or want to find a particular title it's easy. Everything is classified into one of four categories:

Look for the comment box top right of all the items to see the titles especially recommended by The Real Japan.

Have a recommendation of your own?

If you've read a book about Japan and would strongly recommend it, and it isn't yet included in the store, let me know and I may add it.

For every item you buy through the store, The Real Japan earns a very small commission. So by shopping there you are directly supporting this website which helps keep the content free for you.

Please do share this news and this link: with friends and family. (Social share buttons can be found at the bottom of this post.)

If the feedback over time is that I should expand this into related products - I'll gladly ​consider that. So be sure to let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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TRJ Resources


The Real JapanAmazon Store

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The Real Japan Amazon Store Rob Dyer

Do you not love books? Feedback and questions welcome - leave a comment below.


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