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POLL: Name My New Product!

Hiroshima Google Map featured The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Vote for your preferred product name

I'm thinking about the marketing of my new series of Google Maps, and what is the best name for this new product.

This is your chance to vote for your preferred product name and influence what I call it!

For those who don't yet know, I'm releasing detailed guides to individual cities built inside Google Maps. One map per city, starting with Hiroshima (see here for more info: Hiroshima Google Map).

The aim of each map is to include all the essential information you'd need to plan and book a trip/short stay in a given city. 

It's not just a bunch of pins in a map, but a carefully-curated travel guide that covers pretty much all you need to plan a trip including...

  • Places to stay (with links to book accommodation)
  • Attractions (inc. links to official websites)
  • Restaurants (with links to book in English)
  • City-specific attractions (e.g. Atomic bomb sites for Hiroshima)
  • Foodie experiences (with links to book in English)
  • Cafes (with address and website links)
  • Local transportation options (with links to official websites)
  • Day trips (with tips on how to get there)
  • Local tour guide recommendations (with links to book them)
  • etc.

PLUS: each map comes with free, unlimited lifetime updates, so they'll always contain the latest information.

So, my question is: What is the best name for these maps?

I'm currently referring to them as 'CITYNAME' City Guides, e.g. Hiroshima City Guide. But that sounds a little generic or 'dry' to me.

So I'm wondering if calling them CITYNAME Travel Guides is more accurate and appealing, e.g. Hiroshima Travel Guide - with the emphasis on travel as the purpose, since they ought to contain all you need to plan and book a trip/stay.

I'm only putting those two options up for the vote, but feel free to email me/post in The Real Japan Facebook Group with any further thoughts or ideas you might after casting your vote.


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