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POLL: Blog Post Style

Northern Tohoku Hachimantai Jyukai Line

Hachimantai - a GUIDE style post

Moerenuma Park The Real Japan Rob Dyer (27)

Moerenuma Park - a STORY style post

Vote for your preferred post style

I am interested to know what STYLE of blog posts you like to see more of in the future.

This is your chance to influence future blog posts.

When I say style (at least for the puposes of this poll) I mean there are essentially 2 types of blog post when I'm writing about Destinations or Experiences.

GUIDE is closer to the kind of thing you might see on offical tourism websites, or read in a Japan travel guide book like Lonely Planet or Rough Guides. It contains plenty of facts, links to experiences you can book, and helps with concrete trip planning and booking.

STORY is closer to a classic personal blog post. A post that's more personal, casual, annecdotal and uses lots of my photos. Lighter on text and facts than a Guide, and designed to be more inspirational to help with those early dreaming stages of travel planning.

I think about this stuff a lot (!), but perhaps you don't see much of a difference between the two?

How ever you see them, I'd really value your feedback.

Please take a second to cast your vote in this poll so I can use the results to guide future post development.

That helps me make The Real Japan as useful and valuable to YOU as possible.


- Rob

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