How to travel in Japan without speaking Japanese ebook The Real Japan Rob Dyer

How to Travel in Japan Without Speaking Japanese

​A practical Guide and Workbook covering all the essentials.
No Japanese? No problem! 
  • ​Latest Information. Features fully updated information on travelling in Japan when you don't speak the language.
  • ​Public Transport. Shows how to use Japan's world-famous public transport system. Provides you with the best information and tips so you'll know in advance what modes of transportation will best suit your needs.
  • ​Apps & Travel Phrases. ​11 recommended Japanese translation apps (all of which are FREE). Plus the 32 essential travel words and phrases, making travel a breeze.

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​Kevin O'Shea,


​"If you’re interested in travelling to Japan then How to Travel in Japan Without Speaking Japanese​ is the new guidebook for you!"​

In The Book, You Will Discover:

​11 Japanese Translation Apps

​Speaking Japanese is the single biggest challenge you'll face when travelling in Japan. ​Includes 11 Japanese translation apps (Android and Apple). You won't need them all, but ​there will be at least one or two that you will get great use out of. Bonus: All of these are FREE to use!

​Japan Rail Pass Guide

Japan's world famous shinkansen (bullet trains) are a fantastic travel option, and the Japan Rail Pass could be just the ticket you need. ​Topics covered include ​Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass), Shinkansen (bullet trains), JR & Private Local Trains, Seat Reservations.

5 Pre-Trip Planning Exercises 

​Designed to ensure you're organised in advance instead of worrying and trying to sort out issues while you are travellling. Includes: What Do You Want From Your Trip?, Taxi Checklist, Key Travel & Accommodation, Language Solutions List, Resources

32 Key Travel Words/Phrases

​Knowing a few basic words and phrases in Japanese can transform your experience of the country. Based on decades of travel, I've included the 32 key words/phrases so you can get a deeper, more rewarding experience of The Real Japan.

Rob Dyer The Real Japan

About the Author: ​Rob Dyer

​I've been exploring Japan since 2000. ​I started The Real Japan to share my passion. ​Now I lead an ever-growing community where I inspire and help folks all over the world explore Japan off-the-beaten track. Think of me as your virtual Japan travel buddy.

Winner: 2018 Content Creator of The Year
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​"For anyone thinking of travelling to Japan but worried about the language, this is an invaluable resource!"

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​"Just wish we'd had this book before we went - this guy knows the country inside out."

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​Craig Hoffman,

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​"There is some really, really, really great stuff in here. An awesome travel guide. Definitely worth getting."

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​@SakiJapaneseGal, Periscope

​“I'm very picky, but this is REALLY good! Perfect for anyone who wants to travel to Japan."

How to travel in Japan without speaking Japanese ebook The Real Japan Rob Dyer

A Fully Updated Guide to getting​
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