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Get the most out of your trip to Japan with my
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Guide #1 - Planning a Trip to Japan eBook

Planning A Trip To Japan 2nd Edition The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Your Dream Trip to Japan

Starts Here!


A collection of guides and resources to make your
Japan Trip Planning Easy and Inspiring...

Anyone can plan a trip... just choose 2 or 3 destinations and hope for the best. Right?

Well, only if you want to return home regretting all the things you could have done but missed entirely.

If you're thinking about planning a trip to Japan, this book shows you everything from the basics – from the travel essentials and helpful planning resources - through to specific itineraries for different parts of this incredible country.

In this book you'll find our most popular articles, tips and advice on planning a unique and unforgettable trip to Japan.

Inside this Practical, Quick Reference Guide:


How to plan travel to Japan. Essentials you need before you come. Etiquette tips, how to prepare, checklists and guides.


Discounted air fares, WiFi rental guide, baby travel, seasonal travel, 'How To' guides, interactive Japan map.


Japanese ryokan inns and onsen hot springs. Hotels, luxury retreats, hostels, cheap Tokyo, and accommodation hacks.

Saki Periscope The Real Japan

Priceless tips. Get your copy.”

“This book has over 200+ pages of Japan travel guides with priceless tips based from his actual experience. Get your copy.”

- Saki Yoshida, JustAJapaneseGirl

£39.98 SAVE 37%!
Available today for just £26.99


A money saving bundle of my bestselling eBook and the new Audiobook edition How To Travel in Japan Without Speaking Japanese

INCLUDES: 10-page printable PDF travel planner

No Japanese? No problem!


The Updated 2nd Edition of my eBook Planning A Trip To Japan

Guide #2 - How to Travel in Japan
Without Speaking Japanese Audiobook

  • DRM-free instant download - (MP3 format) No digital rights management restrictions, plays on ANY MP3-compatible device including your smartphone.
  • Read By The Author - No anonymous voiceover artists here! Read entirely by yours truly. 
  • Available Only Here - This audiobook can only be purchased here and nowhere else. 
  • Fully Updated - Features the latest information on travelling in Japan when you don't speak the language.
  • Using Public Transport - Learn how to use Japan's world-famous bullet trains and public transport system. Know in advance which modes of transport will best suit YOUR travel needs.
  • Language Apps & Essential Travel Phrases - 11 recommended Japanese translation apps (all of which are entirely FREE). Plus the 32 essential travel words and phrases - Listen and Repeat after me - making travel stress-free.
  • Includes Printable 10-page PDF Travel Planner Workbook - 5 personalised travel planning exercises enable you to identify potential language challenges and discover solutions for each in advance. PLUS: links to online resources and further reading.
Japan Without Japanese audiobook Rob Dyer The Real Japan

10-page printable PDF travel planner included!

Save Money. Travel Better.

£39.98 SAVE 37%! Download this bundle today for Just £26.99

Jim Adams Izu Rhythm

Jim Adams,


"A very useful guide to help people get the most out of Japan without getting intimidated. What's not to love?"

Guide #3 How to Travel in Japan
Without Speaking Japanese - eBook

How to travel in Japan without speaking Japanese ebook The Real Japan Rob Dyer

In This eBook, You Will Discover:

10 Japanese Translation Apps

Speaking Japanese is the single biggest challenge you'll face when travelling in Japan. Includes 10 Japanese translation apps (Android and Apple). You won't need them all, but there will be at least one or two that you will get great use out of.
BONUS: All of these are FREE to use!

Japan Rail Pass Guide

Japan's world famous shinkansen (bullet trains) are a fantastic travel option, and the Japan Rail Pass could be just the ticket you need. Topics covered include Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass), Shinkansen (bullet trains), JR & Private Local Trains, Seat Reservations.

5 Pre-Trip Planning Exercises 

Designed to ensure you're organised in advance instead of worrying and trying to sort out issues while you are travelling. Includes: What Do You Want From Your Trip?, Taxi Checklist, Key Travel & Accommodation, Language Solutions List, Resources.
Travel stress-free!

32 Key Travel Words/Phrases

Knowing a few basic words and phrases in Japanese can transform your experience of the country. Based on decades of travel, I've included the 32 key words/phrases so you can get a deeper, more rewarding experience of The Real Japan.

Rob Dyer The Real Japan

About the Author: Rob Dyer

I've been exploring Japan since 2000. I started The Real Japan to share my passion. Now I lead an ever-growing community where I inspire and help folks all over the world explore Japan off-the-beaten track. Think of me as your virtual Japan travel buddy.

Winner: 2020 Social Media Lifetime Achievement / 2018 Content Creator of The Year
- Grey, Grizzled and Gaijin Social Media Awards

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Craig Hoffman,

Grey, Grizzled and Gaijin

"There is some really, really, really great stuff in here. An awesome travel guide. Definitely worth getting."

Saki Periscope The Real Japan

Saki Yoshida,

Just A Japanese Girl

“I'm very picky, but this is REALLY good! Perfect for anyone who wants to travel to Japan."

Travel & Planning eBooks & Audiobook bundle The Real Japan Rob Dyer

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