I Need Your Help

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I need your help.

I’ve recently added an improved comments feature to the TRJ website.

I’ve added this because I need your help. I need you to ask questions, feedback, critique, and share your experiences of travelling in Japan with me and other subscribers and readers.

I want TRJ to be more than just me sharing tip, tricks and resources. I want you to be a part of it. A community of Real Japan Pioneers, if you like :-).

What Is The One Thing I Can Help You With?

To help get things started I’d like to ask you to go to any one of the blog posts and post a question or comment. You’ll find the comments section at the very bottom.

(You can comment using your any of your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or Disqus accounts.)

Just ask yourself: “What is the one thing the TRJ website can help me with?” and post it. It’s that simple!

If you’d prefer not to ask the question publicly, then simply email me (right now!) HERE and ask me privately. I promise not to reveal who asked any question via email unless you tell me is is OK to do so.

My goal is to make TRJ as useful to you as possible. If I’m to achieve that I need to understand what you are (and are not) interested in learning more about.

It will only take 30 seconds. Please, ask your question now!

Let Your Adventures Begin!

Gratefully yours



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