kayaking and trekking on Iriomote The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Kayaking and Trekking on Iriomote Island

​Tucked away in Japan’s remote Yaeyama Islands, wild Iriomote offers thrilling adventures in unspoiled mangrove jungles.  Iriomote is a untamed, subtropical island lying at the southwestern tip of Japan’s island chain. …

icebreaker ship in hokkaido The Real Japan Rob Dyer

How To Cruise An Icebreaker Ship In Hokkaido

​ Even by Japan’s already impressively high standards, Hokkaido is beautiful. Taking a cruise on an icebreaker ship in Hokkaido is an unforgettable way to explore this wilderness.  Quick Navigation Japan’s second-largest…

Changing Plans, New Discoveries

Changing Plans, New Discoveries

I recently arrived back after our most recent 16 day Japan adventure. It was one full of discovery and variety, friends, family, seeing a friend’s band perform their first gig…