Samurai Juku Kyoto The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Feel the Spirit of the Samurai Sword

​A samurai sword experience. How you can practice basic sword moves, ​use a genuine, 400-year-old samurai sword to slice through tatami and learn about the 1,000 year-old samurai tradition. All this…

Secret Moments of Maikos Philippe Marinig The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Secret Moments of Maikos

​The allure and enigma of geisha, Japan’s professional female entertainers, is the subject of endless articles, haiku, Pinterest posts, YouTube videos, books and photographs. With the influx of tourists into Kyoto…

Uonotana Fish Market, Akashi

Uonotana Fish Market, Akashi

    You may have heard of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, but there’s another, lesser-known fish market that’s well worth a visit – and you won’t see any foreign tourists…