Secret Moments of Maikos Philippe Marinig The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Secret Moments of Maikos

​The allure and enigma of geisha, Japan’s professional female entertainers, is the subject of endless articles, haiku, Pinterest posts, YouTube videos, books and photographs. With the influx of tourists into Kyoto…

kayaking and trekking on Iriomote The Real Japan Rob Dyer

Kayaking and Trekking on Iriomote Island

​Tucked away in Japan’s remote Yaeyama Islands, wild Iriomote offers thrilling adventures in unspoiled mangrove jungles.  Iriomote is a untamed, subtropical island lying at the southwestern tip of Japan’s island chain. …

icebreaker ship in hokkaido The Real Japan Rob Dyer

How To Cruise An Icebreaker Ship In Hokkaido

​ Even by Japan’s already impressively high standards, Hokkaido is beautiful. Taking a cruise on an icebreaker ship in Hokkaido is an unforgettable way to explore this wilderness.  Quick Navigation Japan’s second-largest…