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I started The Real Japan to share my passion for travelling in Japan. To offer inspiration, resources and practical advice to anyone who wants to discover the hidden Japan. The Japan beyond the hype, beyond the clichés of neon-lit skylines and white-faced geisha (these are cool too but there is so much more!).

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“Hi Rob! This is so cool! Are you currently living in England or Japan? Have you lived in Japan before? If so, where? And can I ask you 900 more questions?”
– Melyssa Griffin, Owner at


Tanbay & Laura Travelling Weasels

Tanbay & Laura

“An amazing booklet! Really cool, loads of insider tips. We highly recommend you subscribe.”
Tanbay & Laura,


“Your website is awesome, highly informative. I have been in and out of Japan many times but your webpage is truly experienced-based and definitely not just something written with parts taken and collated from somewhere else.”
– Glenn Gallego Oyong, De La Salle University

Josiane Roulez

Josiane Roulez


“Your. Guide. Is. Awesome!!! I love Japan. I love its language and its culture and its people. Your guide really brings us to the core of the real japan, the one below the surface, the one where true encounters with people and culture are possible. This is definitely how I want to travel to Japan. Thank you for bringing all these great ideas to us”
Josiane Roulez,


Christina Mirra

Christina Mirra


“Just got the Guide :-) Thank you!! Such great ideas!! Next time I’m sure to include some!!”
Christina Mirra, Switzerand, TRJ Subscriber



Deb Alton - The Real Japan subscriber

Deb Alton

“I can’t believe the good value of this hotel! I’ve bookmarked this hotel and will definitely consider it for my next trip… many thanks to The Real Japan for the tip-off!”
Deb Alton, UK, TRJ Subscriber



“Such great content to help foreigners that are travelling to Japan like myself: Cheers!”
Regina Rianelli, Brazil, TRJ Subscriber

“Really cool!!” – Daria Utz, Owner at Crafters Branding Co.


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Let the Adventures begin!

Let the Adventures begin!