Change Your Life – Why Am I Doing This?

When you wake up tomorrow morning, ask yourself “Why am I doing this?

If you’re not ok with the answer make a commitment to change your life.

If you are not in a position to make the change now, bank that thought and feeling.

Keep making deposits into that mindset account until you are in a position to act upon it (note: this may take years, even decades).

But it will be worth it.

Then take the necessary action. You and the world will both be better for it when you can.

Learn to be patient.

Your time will come, my friend.

(My wife and I recently made a commitment to change our lives – which I’ll be sharing with you soon.)

Do you have plans to change your life? Perhaps you already have? If so, I’d love to hear about it – leave a comment below…


Rob Dyer, Kanazawa Castle Change Your Life

Kanazawa Castle, January

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