Bus Ride Through the Mountains of Miyagi Prefecture

Bus ride mountains miyagi prefecture

Bus Ride Through the Mountains of Miyagi Prefecture

Ride the Miyagi mountain bus like a local!

It’s a sunny day in May when the bus departs from the remote Zao Fox Village, weaving its way down winding mountain roads, passing through small villages and stopping half way down so the bus driver can take a cigarette break ;-).

Miyagi Prefecture is in the northern Tōhoku region, on the main Japanese island Honshu. Tōhoku has a reputation for being somwhat backward, remote and harsh compared with much of rest of Japan – particularly the urban areas.


Bus ride mountains miyagi prefecture

However, this perception is slowly changing as tourism (both national and international) helps boost its traditionally rural economy.

Japan’s indigenous population – the Ainu – occupied the area before they were forced out of the region, surviving only the the northern most island of Hokkaido.

Sendai is the capital of Miyagi and is the largest city in the prefecture.

Enjoy the ride. Have you been to Miyagi Prefecture? If so, where? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below…

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Location Map:

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