A Walk Around Nakanoike Ryokuchi Park, Ashiya

Nakanoike Ryokuchi Park Ashiya The Real Japan

Nakanoike Ryokuchi Park

In this short film, we take a relaxing stroll through the suburbs of Ashiya to Nakanoike Ryokuchi Park.

Ashiya is our home when we are in Japan. It is in Hyogo Prefecture, (on the main island of Honshu) close to Kobe, and not far from Kyoto and Osaka.

Nakanoike Ryokuchi Park is a modest municipal park built around a pond, where ducks, koi card and turtles make their homes.

We walk along the street, past the large houses, then enter the park from the northern entrance. Down the steps, we come to a sign explaining the various types of fish you can expect to see in the pond.

It was a sunny, warm spring day, so we decided to walk here with my wife’s parents. It was peaceful and enjoyable.

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